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LISTEN TO: The Constellations – Sold Out EP

If you know me, you know I love the band The Constellations and will push their music to anyone who will listen to it or listen to me talk about them. Don’t roll your eyes, I have to listen to a lot of crappy music sometimes and when I find something that gives my ear an orgasm instead of vomiting, I will share it.

If you don’t know who The Constellations are, well, you are about to be introduced to one of the most fun, funkadelic, funky, southern gothic, rock and roll bands that EVER came out of The A-T-L. Yep, that’s right, I just said EVER and I’ll stand by it.

Tuesday, the band tweeted, they were releasing an EP today on iTunes.

WOOOHOOO!! My tweet back actually was “Oh hot damn, new jams.”

As of 9:17 am today, I still hadn’t found the EP on iTunes. Yes, I was stalking iTunes. Music I’m excited for is hard to come by. After waiting around, I finally text the band and ask if there was a direct link and I discover the label is having problems with the link and the label is working on it. At 4 pm, the link is now working but you have to search The Constellations Sold Out or click here.

I was told by one of the members of the band that if I liked certain songs of the last record, then I was going to love the new stuff. Boy, was he right!

Here’s the 4 song EP breakdown:
“Old Fashion Freedom” – when this song starts, I am instantly thrown back to the 70s slow funk with the guitar and bass. The music to the song is seductive and the lyrics have a message of standing up for what you believe in and that if we unite, it’s hard for people to stop those that are passionate about something they believe in.

“So It Shall Be” – a great slow song (not a freaking ballad…don’t make me have a music 101 class)…A song about losing love and letting go and being okay with it. Did I mention it has a saxophone solo? No? IT HAS A SAXOPHONE SOLO!!! Seriously, love that.

“Going Down in Flames” – This is dirty. The vocals are dirty, the lyrics are dirty,the music is dirty, and the whole damn song rocks! You are singing along within seconds and tapping your toes even before that. It’s a song you find in the dark alley you hurry across because you’re afraid someone might grab you. It’s the song that leads you down that dark alley and tempts you to the dark side and ends up opening your eyes and your soul. It’s just that damn good!

“Love Is a Murder” – this song is from their Southern Gothic album and features Cee Lo Green (yes, of the Voice) and it rocks.


Felicia – this is the video that hooked me.

WATCH: Video for “Love is a Murder” featuring Cee Lo Green and Kate Micucci.

“Felicia” by The Constellations @ 1065 The End