Day 4…I’m Hanging Tough

Not like the New Kids on the Block song though…

I would like to say I had some profound “aha” moment but I didn’t. I had a few I wish I would have, could have, didn’t have, moments and that’s about it and that is nothing from the daily norm.
Walking/running is murdering my shins. I mean murdering. It hurts to touch them and it hurts to move them. If I could replace them, I would. I’m going to have to find a cardio alternative or reduce the number of days I walk/run.
I did yoga for the first in a long time and it nearly killed me. I use to do yoga two times a day and then stopped and boy can I tell the difference. I am one tight ball of human muscle with the flexibility of wood. Good news, I know after about a month, I’ll get those limber muscles back.
All in all, Day 4 didn’t suck like Day 3 did.

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