A Letter to a Friend

I’ve been working on this letter for a friend for several days now. Every time I write something, it doesn’t seem good enough or seems too cliche. I wanted to write this letter so my friend knows I am here for her as she faces a life changing detour. We’ve spoken and she knows I am there and I check in on her, but that doesn’t seem like it’s enough. I feel like should do more to help her in this life detour, but my words can’t heal her heartache and my being there with her family and other friends can’t make things change for her. I wish there was a magic wand I could wave for her to get her past this sucky stage into the finally over and through it stage, but I’m no fairy godmother and I don’t have a magic wand that works, so I’ll just sit by her side and crack stupid jokes, hand her a tissue, and try to take her mind off things.

This is my letter to a friend.

Dear Friend,
I could throw out 1,001 cliche quotes and speeches, but they would be just that…cliches. You’re heartbroken, sad, confused, angry, and nothing makes sense and what once did make sense is a lie and what was once a truth is nothing more than fairy tale. Your world has been turned upside and I wish to hell that you didn’t have to go through what you are going through right now. You, of all the amazing people I know, do not deserve this.
As I told you in a text message, after you told me the news, you stayed in the forefront of my mind and as I said, of all the people I know for this to happen too, you were the one I knew that could handle it the best. You of all the people, I know could get through this and to the other side coming out stronger, better, braver, more courageous, and even more amazing than you were before.
Where you stand now probably looks like a dark chasm of hell, but you of all people, could find that one glimmer of light and cling to it and let it carry you through hell. It’s who you are. It’s the type of person that you are. As sad as your heart is now, I only see bright sun shiny days for you and if it rains, like Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything, “This rain is a baptism…” The rain is your baptism into a new life, a new beginning.
Let your family and friends be the ones you lean on. We all will be there with you on your new journey on this new path. A path you would have never found if the Universe didn’t put you at the crossroads, and though you might not see it now, the Universe has a plan for you.
Though I am sad for you, I am also excited for you. I get to watch you take this challenge by the horns and defeat it. Yep, you’re just that kick ass of a person and don’t you dare forget it. And if you falter and your mind slips, remember all the times you have inspired others in your life, all the times you have helped someone achieve their goals, and all the times you have awakened the dreams of children.
For every moment you are sad, remember the good and happy times.
This moment in life will not defy you. This moment in life will merely take you where you should be. This moment in life, right now, isn’t the end of the world even if it feels like it. This moment in life, right now, will pass. This moment in life, will lead you to some of the most amazing moments you have yet to have in your life.
All you have to do is believe.

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