Day 6 & 7 of 28 Day Boot Camp

Day 6 and 7 of the 28 Day Boot Camp aka no alcohol, no meat, no carbonated drinks, no caffeine were the easiest of all the days this week. It helped that I stayed in on Friday and Saturday night. I couldn’t be tempted if I wasn’t out.

Today I had a 3 mile walk/jog/run and it didn’t murder my shins. I thought my knee was going to give out during the last 10 minutes but I powered through. My mantra to myself was “fit or fat.” I realized that I can’t just start out running/jogging and that I need to walk a lot of if. I can jog/run about half of it. I think if I’m going to do this 3 miles, then I need to alternate days of pure walking and adding the jog/run in.

I am feeling better about myself. Out of the 7 days, I worked out 5. I gave myself 2 days to not work out. In the upcoming week, I’d like to work out all 7 but again, if I work out 5, I’d be happy with that too. I have a friend coming into town on Wed and it is the only day I will “cheat.” I won’t punish myself slipping up. I know that is my day to “cheat.” That is my only day in the 28 day boot camp to cheat. I won’t abuse and I won’t abuse myself for it.

I’m looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow morning and next week.

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