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Trying New Things & Expanding My Horizons, One Crazy Idea at a Time

So my dear friend and sistah from another mister, Amy, tells me today, “I think you should learn how to scuba dive.” (She’s a scuba diver herself, so this isn’t a strange beginning to a conversation.)

What she didn’t know when said this to me, is that I was already thinking of this. On my 2nd trip to Key West, I tried snorkeling and I had a panic attack and sucked down half the ocean (in my head, it was half the ocean, in reality, it was probably what was in the snorkel pipe). I never tried snorkeling again until Key West 2011 and it was so freaking scary to me. Trying to keep myself from having a panic attack, trying to keep myself calm enough to breath, reminding myself that if I relaxed, I could float…in the end, on the near verge of a panic attack, I stopped. Not completely happy with myself, not completely sad. Frustrated more than anything. These memories were all triggered when I saw a vehicle that said learn to dive. I stared at it and thought, well, yes, I do want to learn to dive. I made a mental note and filed it into my research list.
Until, today of course, when Amy mentioned it. I’ve got to get a few financial things straightened out and then I’m taking scuba lessons. NO MORE PANIC ATTACKS.
Another friend, has inspired me to do a marathon. I followed him along his 12 week body transformation and as he trained for 1/3 of an ironman challenge. (He ran and his other teammates did the swim & bike portion.) He finished his leg, but decided he wanted to do the whole ironman challenge next time.
I am no where near ready to run a marathon and I’ve never tried a 5k. To be honest, I hate running. I find no joy in it other than the scenery I get to see or the fact that I’m out doors. I am only doing it now because I need cardio in my life and right now, that is free cardio. I could haul my ass down to the gym in my apartment complex but walking/jogging/running on a treadmill does not motivate me. At least being outdoors and in the sun, motivates me.
As for the marathon, I need to drop the weight I want, and then I’ll train for a marathon. I don’t have a set time to finish one. I don’t have an grandiose plans of I can finish it in X amount of time. If I finish it dead last, at least I finished it.
2012 – trying new things and expanding my horizons…one crazy idea at a time.

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