Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life – March 2012

It’s funny how these songs all connect to each other and how I have felt all of March: make changes, get myself together, and move forward with positivity.

Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd
Yes, this was also in February’s Songs of My Life Mix, but I really, really just love this song.
These lyrics say it all: “When you feel like life coming down on you like a heavy weight, when you feel this crazy society adding to the strain, take a stroll to the nearest water’s edge and remember your place. Many moons have risen and fallen long before you came. Which way is the wind blowing and what does your heart say.”

Let It Go by Donavon Frankenreiter
Sometimes it just feels good to let go and this song is my reminder to do so.

Changes by Thornley
Another song to remind me to change.

Dare to Breathe by Sponge
I love the lyrics “I don’t dare to breathe or I’ll lose this moment.”

Alibi by 30 Seconds to Mars
The lyrics “I fell apart but got back up again” are a constant reminder that even though I may stumble trying to reach my goals, that I always have to get back up and keep going/trying.

God Gave Me a Brain by Superfine
Another reminder to believe in myself. “I need to believe in something now. I’ve got to do it to save myself, that’s why God gave me a brain. I’m tired of being small it takes too much out of me. Im tired and it’s my fault. Gotta do something. I’ve got to do it to save myself that’s why God gave me a brain. Now i’m gonna use it i’m gonna use it.”

Stars by Michael Tolcher
I have been a fan of Michael’s since I saw him perform in the studio in 2004 before his album “I Am” was released. As a star gazer, I really like the lyrics to this song. “What’s this life? Is it only change? I’m waiting for the stars to line up and the moon to light the way in the middle of the night…I’m wishing on that light at night.”