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Happiness Is…

Over the last few days, weeks, months…however long it has been, I have realized that I just don’t put up with a lot of shit. I can’t stand people who are whoa-is-me, look-at-me, etc. I just have no patience for it or tolerance for it.

I have a friend who’s going through a shitty part of life right now and I remember saying to her last week, despite the crap life has thrown at you, you seem happy. And I know she’s in pain, but she’s not standing in the middle of the street crying my-life-sucks. She picked herself up off the bathroom floor, dried her tears, and is forging on. She is one of those friends that would have done the battle on her own, but decided to let a few chosen ones in. And every time she asks if she’s being whoa-is-me, I laugh. I don’t think she could be that way. This situation hasn’t even made her that way. She has mentally decided to see the good that is going to come her way.

I don’t understand how people let themselves become victims of their own lives and choices. I don’t understand those who need that constant attention (good or bad) or constant affirmation (good or bad).

Maybe I’ve just been lucky that even through my bad mistakes and crappy choices, I’ve seen the lesson that I was suppose to learn or I saw the silver lining in the cloud. Maybe I am even more fortunate that I had two loving parents that taught me to be strong, independent, self-assured even when I am not, and encouraged me to do what I wanted to do and be who I wanted to be.

I can’t say the same for everyone I know or meet. I hear the excuses and the words that come out of their mouths and I sometimes wonder why I associate or acknowledge that person. They think they don’t deserve happiness or so negative that they don’t see what is in front of them. They sacrifice their happiness for what others think or might think of them. Yes, I have made sacrifices but it was because I chose to be there for to help care for my mom. She thought I was an idiot, I did it because I loved her. I think that is a huge difference. My sacrifice wasn’t a sacrifice in happiness. I was happy to help and care and even happier that I did it in the end.

Happiness is what you put into the Universe. Happiness is what you learn from the Universal lesson that is presented to you.

If you choose to wallow in your own victimhood and bad choices, then don’t expect amazing things to happen.

Happiness starts with how you think and feel…

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