Soul in Wanderlust

930 Road Miles

Last week, I put on 930 road miles onto my traveling adventures. Some would gawk at that many miles, as a traveler, I revel in it.

Monday, April 23rd – 486 round trip miles
Destination: Atlanta, GA
I drove down with my friend JJ and his sister, Sarah to see Rammstein (one of my top 5 favorites bands). Last year, I flew to Las Vegas to see the band, and the year before, I flew to NYC to see them, so traveling to see a band all the way from Germany isn’t a crazy idea for me. I remind myself, how often can I see this band? I never thought I’d be able to see them 3 times in 3 years. I missed the band when they were touring the US in the late 90’s/early 00’s. As Jimmy Buffett sings, “someday I will,” see them in their homeland of Germany.
Rammstein played a magnificent show. Too short for this fan, but with 20 songs, 2 encores, light show, enough pyro and exploding fire pots to make any military jealous…they rocked out Atlanta.

Friday, April 27th – 444 round trip miles
Destination: Isle of Palms, SC
My dear friend, Amy, threw her birthday celebration in IOP for a weekend. Friendship, beach, sunny skies, and laughter…count me in!
Saturday, I spent the day acting like a 5 year old with a 5 year old. We raced around a pool, built sand castles, buried each other in the sand, and so on. Those who don’t like kids will never understand the undeniable fun you can have as an adult when you release your inner child and stop caring about adult world problems. Kids don’t care if their weight is showing and they don’t care they have sand up their shorts. They care about the water knocking the castle down or if they can demolish the castle with their tiny feet. To let go of everything in my mind and to be a kid again without a care in the world was a much needed release.
Sunday, we went on sailing cruise of Charleston waters on the lovely Prevailing Winds catamaran. Is was an absolutely gorgeous day and according to our wonderful captain, near perfect winds for sailing. If you have never been on a sail boat on the water, please do it when you get a chance. There is nothing like traveling on the water by mother nature blowing you in the direction you’re suppose to go.

When you travel on the road with friends or family, you must always make sure you’re compatible. Traveling with an incompatible road trip companion will make a short drive the longest drive in your life. I’ve been lucky to have great companions on 99.9% of my road trips.

When you travel on the road by yourself, make sure you have everything you need. For me, it’s great tunes, a map or GPS, water, and something sweet to munch on. Every mile I’m closer to my destination is a celebration!

Travel often friends…if you don’t, you’ll be on your deathbed regretting it.