Hockey Superstitions

If you’re a hockey fan, there is 99.9% chance you have a hockey superstition just like many of the players that play.

Some tape their sticks from left to right or right to left. Some put their right skate on first, lace it up, and then the left.

Watch a goalie when he enters the crease…he of course scratches up the ice and stretches out, but what about the tap of the crossbar over each shoulder? Superstition or Habit?

Being a fan, I have my own superstitions. Heading into Round 3 with the Rangers vs Devils, I carried a sweatshirt one my best friends wore during the Game 7 against the Caps. I listened to the radio broadcast vs the televised broadcast in Game One. They won. In Game Two, I wore the jersey and watched the game. They lost. In Game Three, I returned to Game One vibe…carry jersey, listen to broadcast. They won.

Deep down inside, I know that where I sit, what I’m wearing, what I’m doing, etc has no effect on the game. I don’t control it through some white or black magic. I, in fact, have no outcome on the game, but I can’t help but feel that dedicated to my team(s).

And if the listening vs watching the Game tonight changes, I’ll change my habit as well.

It’s just the way us sports fan think.