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We’re in the 3rd round of playoffs and I haven’t blogged at all.

Though hockey is my passion, writing about hockey falls behind it. Sometimes way behind my love of hockey. I’d like to say I’m knowledgeable in all things hockey, but I am far from it. I’m often in awe of the random facts, statistics, etc that announcers and other writers know.

I started The Hockey Maven so I could just talk and tweet about hockey with out alienating my friends who follow my personal blog and Twitter who don’t give a rats ass about hockey. (Yes, I blog about hockey on personal site too, but this site is all hockey, all the time).

Today, as I had a moment to actually write a small post for work about hockey, I realized what a joy it is to talk about hockey or even write about it and that I don’t do it enough. It makes me happy, and who doesn’t want to be happy.

So this is my promise to myself and to anyone who may follow this blog, I’m going to write about hockey more. I might not be able to throw 1001 random facts or statistics at you but I can research it, quote verified statistics, and so on. I also might not be the best hockey writer out there, but I will give you my god’s honest opinion and if you’re okay with that, then this journey will be fun.

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