Good Time Activist Drinking Rules

In honor of Memorial Day and the Mojito Memorial Madness Party of 2010, I give you drinking rules for Memorial Day.

Drinking Rules
.5   Drink Mojitos (or whatever your drink of choice is)
1.     Hyrdate while you dehydrate
2.     Never drink on an empty stomach
3.     Keep drinking
4.     Point with your elbow
5.     Pass on the left. Watch out for the gimp.
6.     Don’t apologize for partying
7.     Pour one out for your dead homies
8.     Sharpie is TOTALLY legal…especially if your ass passes out!
9.     Rule 8 does not apply to Mark Gray
10.   Rule 9 is for BITCHES
11.   Quit being a vagina and take the shot!

From Mojito Madness 2010