Closer to the Edge

Airstream Daydream

This is a perfect home to me.

I like simple living.

When I moved from 418 to 470, I got ride of 70% of everything I owned. Books, furniture, clothing, knick knacks, etc. The other 30%, if I could toss it all, I would have started from scratch.

I want the above. Right on or near a beach in Australia. Any beach will do. And if it can’t be Australia, I’ll take Key West.

My goal in 2012 was to pay off debt and be done with it. I realized today it’s going to be more like 2013 and that broke my spirit. All these glorious and grand ideas I had, I’m having to shelve or put on hold. I may even have to pull some of my days in Key West, but if not, I will go broke doing the trip and I am actually okay with that. It’s like Australia. I won’t regret going. I have to go. There is no choosing of do you need it or want it. It’s a need. Addicts have their drugs. My soul has travel.

Of course, I would like my fairy Godmother to come and wave a magic wand, have my lottery numbers hit, or get a killer bonus/raise at work…

Those things…I no longer wish for…

I just wish for the simple things in life…for me, it’s ocean water and travel.

It gets me through…

Someday I will be living in an airstream by the beach with my dog and my laptop. That’s all I need.