Closer to the Edge

Whole Again

I just finished watching the season finale of Touch and it inspired a post of same name and tonight’s episode inspired even more.

I know I was on this earth, in this Universe, to make a difference, a positive force in the world and for the last few weeks, I haven’t felt that. In all honesty, I felt like I had no purpose or need to be in this world. That I was just going through the motions of living without really being alive.

It took a fire alarm and animal love paid in sloppy kisses from a pit bull to remind me of why I was here. It took a simple scene in a TV show to tell me I already knew why I was here.

I had fallen off the path and I had stopped listening to the Universe and the signs. I don’t why I stopped, I just did and my heart and soul stopped with it. It happens every so often. I could blame being busy with work, family, friends, and so on but the only person to blame is myself.

I stopped believing and having faith.

I stopped looking up at the stars.

I stopped taking a deep breath just to enjoy the moment.

I stopped letting the lives of other touch me and my life touching others.

It’s weird sensation to realize where you need to be but not knowing how to get there. It’s even crazier to realize that somehow after all is said and done that things work out…by a margin, by a hair, by a few cents, by whatever thread of life it was suppose to work out.

We all stumble every now and then. We all take the path less chosen but it’s not necessarily the wrong path. It’s the journey we’re suppose to experience. It’s the flowers growing along side us or the crumbling building on the other side of the road we’re suppose to learn from. And if the path we are taking leads to a dead end…I either climb over it, keep on going, or find a new route.

Tonight, I found the hope, the belief, and the faith again. To find it, I had to fall of the path and loose sight of what was important. Tonight, my eyes are focused again.

Tonight, I feel whole again.