June 11, 2012: 16 Thoughts

I saw on someone’s Twitter feed 30 Thoughts coming later and I thought to myself, I should do that daily. Sort of like a diary, sort of randomness, sort of today in pop culture…sort of a big reason I should write EVERY DAY!

Then I thought, 30…whew..and settled for 16. My favorite number.

In no particular order:

  1. Austerity – I listen to NPR on the way to work. My 10 minute ride is filled with world news and I’ve heard this a 1,001 times and I still don’t understand what it means. I read the definition and articles on it and my brain still cannot wrap itself around it. I kind of feel like it’s the word that is just being thrown out there because NO ONE wants to be responsible and cut the taxes for the poor and raise taxes for the rich. Here’s my take on taxes: Dear Wealthy, Stop being bitches. Pay the extra. You can afford it. Mrs Jones, the single mother down the street working 3 jobs and never gets to see her kids is busting her ass to feed and keep a roof of her family’s head. They don’t complain when all they have for dinner is a can of beans or ramen noddles. She doesn’t complain that the only time she can see her kids is when they are in bed asleep. So you can stop complaining about a tax hike. Pay it forward you selfish bastard.

  2. I want the new MacBook Pro. I have one. It’s about 6 or 7 years old. The new one introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco makes me want a new one. Guess I’m going to have to somehow win the lottery tomorrow to get one.

  3. Yes, I am playing the lottery tomorrow. If I’m going to lose my last bit of cash this week, then I am going to lose it on a dream.

  4. I am so happy to have my dog, Nick, back. I have missed that little knucklehead a lot and I look forward to our daily running/jogging/walking. I slept like a baby last night with him curled up at my feet.

  5. I am a little bummed that the Red Wings have traded the rights to Brad Stuart to San Jose Sharks. We need all the defense we can get with Niklas Lidstrom retiring.

  6. Congratulations to the L.A. Kings on winning the Stanley Cup. First time ever champions. The Kings weren’t my team, but it’s always nice to see the underdog (8 seed) come out on top.

  7. Now that hockey season is over, what the hell am I going to do or watch?

  8. New music tomorrow from one of my faves, The Constellations. Cannot wait to hear it.

  9. It never fails that when I am on a run/jog, I always run into the hottest guys ever. #WorkOutFail

  10. Apparently, a dingo DID eat her baby.

  11. I probably should apologize for all the hockey tweets, but if you follow me, you know I’m going to tweet about hockey and that I tweet a lot, so no, I’m not apologizing.

  12. How in the world does someone come up 30 thoughts, I’m struggling with 16 but I’m also freaking exhausted. My mind shut down about 2 hours ago. Creative juices…sweated those out.

  13. Working on an old writing project…now writing as my main character. Male. First Person. (Me. Female.) Harder than I thought it was going to be. We’ll see if this evolves and sticks.

  14. I want to hoist the Stanley Cup. Add that to my bucket list of dreams.

  15. I worked out today (cue LMFAO “I work out”) and I’d like to account for a 60 minute walk/jog/run session. Let’s see if I can do that again tomorrow.

  16. Shaniqua by Little T and One Track Mike is still a hilarious song! Thank you iTunes on shuffle for this classic little gem!

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