June 12, 2012: 16 Thoughts

  1. If this 16 Thoughts makes it 16 days, it will be a miracle. This is harder than I thought it was going to be.

  2. The NBA Playoffs start tonight. Guess who doesn’t care or know who’s in it? THIS GIRL!

  3. After 115 years together, 2 turtles divorce. Sad but they did last longer than Katy Perry & Russell Brandt

  4. And if this doesn’t warm your heart, then you don’t have one. Beagle sees owner for the first in six months.

  5. Corey Masisak @ NHL.com gives 5 Reasons the Kings Are Champs and they are valid and great reasons.

  6. The Constellations new album “Do It Free” came out today. Go to iTunes and by the deluxe version RIGHT NOW. You will not be disappointed in this purchase. If you are, you need your head check. Check them out at Warped Tour 2012

  7. I personally hate rules and regulations. After spending a month on rules for a contest, they still aren’t right and the legal department may want to set me on fire soon.

  8. Adam Proteau from The Hockey News is one of my favorite Twitterers to follow. He’s got the 411 on hockey, he makes fun of hockey, and everything else in between. Follow him now @Proteautype

  9. I really have no idea what to watch now that hockey season is over. New Girl and Touch are over too. Summer is going to suck giant balls.

  10. If you haven’t read House of Leaves or Only Revelutions by Mark Z. Danielewski, you should stop what you’re doing and do it right now. Don’t buy the ebook versions either. You need the physical copy of both books. House of Leaves took me almost a year to read. It’s intense and thought provoking. I had to take notes for it. House of Leaves…I’m still not finished with. You can register to win autographed copies of the books on Mark’s Facebook page. The autographed copy of House of Leaves I have is one of my most prized possessions.

  11. In the too stinking cute department, a toddler wears her dad’s head cam and plays hide and seek. A child’s laughter should be bottled.

  12. Check out the AMAZING photos @ Frothers. When I was in Australia, I went to the gallery but it was sadly closed due to holiday hours. Guess, I’ll just have to make another trip to Australia and go when it’s open. I look at these photos daily. I want to cover a wall with them.

  13. Confession: I’ve only watched 2 episodes of the Simpsons and they were the 2 X-Files episodes.

  14. In the TMI (Too Much Information) category, my dog Nick has nauseous gas. That is something I did not miss.

  15. I worked out again today. 2 days in a row. If I can make it 16 like 16 Thoughts, again…a miracle.

  16. Ian Laperriere retires from hockey today. He will always be remembered for this blocking this slap shot with his face and suffering a concussion and fractured orbital bone.

This concludes 16 Thoughts…DAMN…that was hard.

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