Whole Hearted Motivation

Someone flipped my MOTIVATION switch into full swing this week.

I hate working out. Absolutely, positively hate it. I like the benefits of working out, but just finding the motivation to drag myself out of bed early to go to a gym or to even exert more energy than taking my dog on a leisurely stroll is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

I guess I’ve found that needle in the haystack.

In the last 3 days I’ve put 13.65 miles on my legs. 3 miles were the leisurely dog walks, but the other 10.65 have been hard earned miles walking and running.

Again, I like the benefits of working out. I just hate doing it.

I actually have uttered the words, “can’t wait for my work out this after work,” for the last two days. I have shocked myself with those words.

I am in love with myself for those words.

I am riding the wave of positive momentum in my personal life and hoping the afterglow of it carries over into my professional life and in an odd way, I know it will.

I have done so much for my professional life that my personal life has suffered over the last 10+ years. A few years ago, I made an effort to change it. It was an effort that I half heartedly did, but after returning from Australia (yes, even seven months after being there, the life lessons still keep coming and will for many years to come), I knew I had to do it whole heartedly.

This week has been whole heartedly. This week has been amazing. The positivity from this week has lifted my spirits and I refuse to look back. I’m only taking leaps and bounds from here on out.

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