Closer to the Edge

The Secret: Keep Going

Last week was amazing.

By amazing, nothing extra ordinary happened. There were no unicorns and rainbows, no pot of gold, or fairy godmother waving her wand.

It was just an epic week of self realization and discovery.

It was a week that I learned the above secret: keep going.

That’s pretty epic right? Just keep going. Life isn’t always a walk through a field of four-leaf clovers. Sometimes, it’s a walk through land minds, dog poop, thorny rose bushes, and quicksand and if you’re a Princess Bride fan, you might even have to fight rodents of unusual size, fire spouts, and lightning sand.

What does one do? KEEP GOING.
(guess what, Princess Buttercup kept on going too)

When I saw the above on Piece x Peace’s Facebook page, the greatness of last week settled into my head.

For me: the KEEP GOING was another workout down which lead to another 3 miles or so down. I won’t say I struggle with my weight, but I struggle with the motivation to keep in shape. Last week, I had the motivation. When I woke this morning to start a new week, the motivation was still there. Woop! Woop!

So I’m keeping the amazingness of last week going this week. I’m ready for an awe-inspiring week filled with love, life, and laughter.

The desire to do the things I dream way out weigh the need to confirm and fit in, but in order to do the things I dream and really want to do in my heart of hearts, I keep going on with the things that will get me there.

Hell or high water: KEEP ON GOING

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