Exist Loudly

Wake Up (Make a Move)

I love when I hit the “genius” icon on my iPod. I never know what songs it will throw together on the playlist and I never know what gems it will throw at me.

Today, I hit the “genius” for “Stare into the Sun” by Thrice. I have always loved the lyrics to that song and when “genius” gave me “Wake Up (Make a Move)” by Lostprophets, I thought, “Okay Universe, I hear you.”

And hear I did. I listened to the lyrics: “So are we lost or do we know? Which direction we should go? Sit around and wait for someone to take our hands and lead the way? ‘Cause every day we’re getting older and every day we all get colder …Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Yeah so tired of waiting…”

There are people who just wait for life to happen or expect life to happen to them.

But life doesn’t just happen. You have to make a move.

Imagine life as a giant chessboard, if you don’t make any move at all, the game never begins. You sit and stare at the opponent or pieces and guess what, NOTHING happens.

Move that rook or knight and get the game going. Sometimes your king is taken and sometimes the queen is taken. Sometimes, life comes to a draw where no matter what you do, the move leads you no where. Those are the moments that you’re lucky enough to start over!

If you want that dream job, dream house, dream location are you making the right moves to make it a reality? Hell, are you making the bad moves that will eventually lead you to the right moves? Are you just sitting there thinking, this could never come true?

Don’t let the negative attack you. Knock it away with a bat if you must, but make a move to make the reality you want to be living happen. Good move or bad move…as long as it’s a move.

Your life is yours. The choices you make are yours.

Wake up and make a move. Make your dreams a reality. No one will do it for you.