Exist Loudly

Targets to Aim For

On Monday, I said I would do the no sweets for 3 weeks with my friend, Andrew. I added alcohol as a bonus for myself.

On Tuesday, I said I would drop one pound for every pound my weight lifting friend, Matt, gained. He had 8 to go on his target of 200, but would like to be be at 230. Either way, 8lbs to 30lbs for me would be good a goal to have.

On Wednesday, I verbally agreed to run a 5k my favorite hockey team is planning to have in November. I have never thought about running a 5k. I did entertain the thought of running a marathon and I still want to. My friend, Andrew, planted that seed in March and that is something I would like to do in 2013. As for 2012, I guess it’s going to be a 5k.

Here I am, mid week, with not one, not two, but three new targets to aim for, and a part of my old brain, is thinking, who the hell is this girl and what have you done with the old Shelia.

It’s only been 2.5 weeks, but my newly discovered since of self and new brain did this: I told the Universe I let go of, uncreate and destroy what was defining me, limiting me, and keeping me stuck.

Everything that didn’t let me know that I could create change in myself and in my life, I destroyed it and uncreated it. In doing so, I created a change in myself and in my life.

Those changes gave me three new targets to aim for.

Three new targets I will hit.

Three targets that lead me to three new paths I’m excited to explore.

Listening to “16 Days” by Ryan Adam (from Live After Deaf)