Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: July 2012

Culture Bleeding by Xavier Rudd
     I find this song very spiritual. I don’t know if it’s the way Xavier uses the didgeridoo and drums but there is something that connects me to this song. It moves me.

Let it Go by The Constellations
This song just tells you what you need to do to…let it go. Sometimes you just go to let it go…whatever was bothering you, whatever that was holding you back, whatever it is…let it go.

Jesus Walks by Lostprophets
I don’t know what it is about this band, but they write great anthem songs. “Last Train Home,””Rooftops,” and this song, “Jesus Walks.” They’re just songs that make one take ownership of their life and to do what they believe in or what is good for them. I just love this song and the lyrics:
Take, break, shake it off, Wake from your slumber…They tell you Jesus walks but baby. He’ll just walk away, No matter what you do you’re gonna have to fight someday, Fake smiles, seen them all, I just don’t need it, Aim, fire, watch them fall, no warnings heeded, Fall down, get back up, ignore the bleeding, Every street, every town will follow you into the, Right fight every night, just keep on swinging, Stand fast hold your ground, you’re doing great kid…”

Island Song by Zac Brown Band
A great summer time drinking song. Enough said.

100 Suns by 30 Seconds to Mars
Just like the simplicity of this this song.