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Nothing But the Music

This post is dedicated to music and nothing but the music.

Yesterday, I wrote about how Lostprophets write great anthems and today, seeing them live once again reminded me of how great their songs are. (Go see this band when they are in your town/area/location…you will not be disappointed. They are fabulous!)

One thing uniting a crowd…that’s how great music is.

That is why I love music.

I love Warped Tour because it is a reminder of why I love music and how much I love music. It reminds me of my father taking me to see my favorite bands when I was 13 and too young to be in bars and venues. It reminds me of how I want to be like my father and take my 13 year old niece to see her favorite bands, but instead of sitting in the back watching over her like my dad did. I want to be up front with her. To be 13 and to see your favorite band live. To stand in line to meet or to stand in the roasting sun at the barricade so you could sing along to every word to every song you know. Warped Tour is a culture of music fans and artists coming together to celebrate music. All artists, no matter how big the name or how small, are equal. They sweat on stage in front of 10 fans or 1000 fans. They support their fellow stage mates or artists on other stages. Warped Tour does really good at spreading music like a virus. Kevin Lyman still knows what is hot after all these years. He knows what will push the kids to come and what will push the artists to come.

It’s why music is great.

Days like this make me love my job so much more. I get to see an artist on the verge of becoming huge stars or bands that are about to break out. When my roommate shouted that Adelitas Way was on ABC’s Bachelor Pad tonight, I thought, “score one for rock” and then remember fondly, when they played on ice at Charlotte Checkers game and the band bought me dinner just for driving them around. When I see a band hit it big, I always think back to the moment we scored an interview or acoustic performance and remember that they were just cool people and now they’re living like “rock gods.”

I’ve always been passionate about music. Sometimes, I like to keep the artists I like to myself, but by God, if I’m talking about them and telling someone to listen to them, then it’s only because I think the person I’m talking to will like it or it’s because EVERYONE should know about it. I don’t “pimp” a lot of bands, but I passionately support my favorite ones. I will beg my program director to listen to the artist or beg my favorite venue to schedule a show. I will buy every CD and probably more merch than one person should. It’s what I do. It’s always been who I am. Besides, I love helping my favorite bands. If I can personally help you get you to reach a goal, I’m into help. If I can’t, I’ll point you in the direction .

My favorite quote regarding music is from Ville Valo of H.I.M. “music is my god, my best friend.”

And music is my God, my best friend. Through thick or thin, music is my constant, everything else is a toss up.

Music, you’ll always be my first love. You will always have my heart over everything else, yes, even hockey.

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