Beast Mode: Week 1 Day 2

AM: 2.09 mile (run/walk) in 38 minutes
PM: 1.30 mile walk in 25 minutes

10 mins on treadmill
3 x 15 leg press
3 x 15 leg curls
3 x 15 leg extension
3 x 15 squat with 1 5lb overhead lift
3 x 15 squat with shoulder press with 2 5lb
3 x 15 lunge with rotation with 1 5lb weight

The AM run was almost easy. After 5 weeks, I’m able to run more but my legs and calves hate it. I haven’t reached the point where I can just power through the pain in the shins/calves yet, but I can feel it’s coming close.

The PM walk was out of boredom and an extra little kick.

The strength almost felt like it wasn’t enough, but I didn’t want to kick myself in the ass and not be able to do anything tomorrow or hurt myself so I just stayed with the what I had written down.

Overall, I felt accomplished today.

Listening to “Where We Belong” by Lostprophets

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