Beast Mode: Week 5 Recap

Beast Mode…last week didn’t feel like beast mode even though I hit all my cardio & strength targets. I felt fatter than usual and was harder on myself than usual.

When I weighed in a week ago, I was at 146.5lbs and my target weight is 130-125. This week was the first week I looked in the mirror and noticed changes in myself.

I’ve been on Beast Mode for 5 weeks but I’ve been doing cardio for 10 weeks now. My shins hurt, my knees hurt, my entire body hurts. It all is a good hurt of course. The kind of hurt that when you move you’re reminded why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Week 5 was a crazy, super busy week with work and there is something to it when people say listen to your body…my body was a giant middle finger to me…fuck you, no, I’m resting.

Day 1:
68 minutes walk/run 4.5 miles
3×21’s curles
3×21’s triceps
3×21 chest flies
3×15 back

Day 2:
30 minutes walk/run
3×10 push ups
3×10 kick backs
3×10 shoulder press

Day 3-6: nothing

Day 7: running around my event like a mad woman.

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