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Let’s Talk Hockey

or lack thereof…

If you aren’t a sport fan, you probably don’t even know when the hockey season starts. Hell, if you are a sport fan, there’s even a chance you don’t know.

If you’re a hockey fan, then YOU KNOW October means hockey season.

The NHL season will not start in October. It may not start at all. Two sides (players vs owners) can’t play nice in the sandbox and share what both are owed.


I get it, players want their cut and owners want their cut, but sometimes ego and greed need to be set aside and just do what’s right for the sport, the fans, and more importantly, the lives of the men and women whose job is to come to the arena day in and day out. The game would be nothing without them. (Honestly, do you think Crosby, Ovechkin, the Sedins, & Lundqvist would be out there setting up boards, nets, driving the zambonis?) THAT support staff cannot make up any money lost. They are essentially out of work for an indefinite amount of time or have lost their jobs all together.

As a hockey fan, that pisses me off more than anything.

In my opinion, the players and team owners who cited fans and games were important are just talking out their asses. Either side could have been heroes to their fans and more importantly the support staff but money makes the world go round and true colors were revealed.

For a sport I care passionately about, that leaves me with a very strong disdain for the sport all together.

To the NHL players and owners…from my disgruntled-we-care-for-you-hockey-fans-feelings…you guys can take your egos and money and shove it up your ass.

To the AHL, ECHL, and beer league games…thank you, at least, I won’t be completely hockey-less this season.