Beast Mode Updates

A little update on Beast Mode…I lost my excitement for it. I got bored doing the work out and being on it. I thought the little changes I was adding in every week would keep me motivated to do it.

I was wrong.

I’ve still been doing the work outs just not as dedicated as I had been. I’m holding steady at the weight, but nothing has moved forward and thank goodness nothing has stepped back.

I need to reevaluate what I like doing and do it. I need to look at my diet and make some serious changes. One of those changes will be going back to a mainly vegetarian diet. I’ve been a died hard vegetarian and vegetarian with pescatarian tendencies, and now, I’m going back, but I don’t know how strict I want to be on myself.

Obviously, I need to figure that out before I make a commitment to change things, but at least I know I need to make some serious life changes.

I figure I will test out a few options over the next few weeks and see what works. Then just do it.

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