Rebooting My Life in 26 Days

So I wrote in Beast Mode Updates that I needed to make some life changes, rethink myself going vegetarian/pescatarian, and find a way to work out that makes me want to work versus me having that forced feeling of working out.

So today, in the ah-ha moment in life that I sometimes I get, I figured out a general time line of things.

November 19, 2012 – I will have spent my last vacation day by then and celebrated my birthday…I’m old enough to know better and still too young to care. I always will be.

This will kick off my 6 weeks of no alcohol, no sweets, no meats, no soda.

This will kick off my 6 weeks of yes cardio, yes yoga, yes strength training, yes writing.

For every no, I replaced it with a yes for something positive.

The first 2 weeks are always the toughest. I’ve given up all the above before, so I don’t doubt I can do it. I have to learn to change my habits and stick with them because I want the 6 weeks of no to turn into 7, then into 8, then into 9, then into more especially with the meat, sweets, and soda and even possibly even alcohol or at least a high decrease of it. I’m over alcohol. One or two great martinis fine, five of those and six shots, not so fine.

I could have waited for the new year, I could also get hit by a truck before then, and I ask myself, do I want to die healthy and happy or unhealthy and miserable.

Healthy and happy win. Twenty six-days to reboot my life…I cannot wait!!!

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