Soul in Wanderlust

Smart Packing

I am leaving for Montego Bay on Thursday morning and returning on Sun night. Packing for me is easy and I sometimes over pack, but on my last huge excursion, which was to Australia, I learned how to pack everything I needed for 3 weeks in one bag.

I have a friend who is completely astonished by what I packed for Montego Bay, but this is how one needs to look at packing:

What will you be doing mostly on the trip and what will the weather be like at your destination?
I will be in a beach chair soaking up the sun and having cocktails with tiny little umbrellas in them.

What kind of restaurants, diner, etc will you be eating at?
I will be at casual restaurants that are in the all inclusive hotel.

I put everything out on my bed: the I will wear, I want to wear, and the maybe I will need it and then I edit everything down to this: WHAT WILL I ACTUALLY WEAR and I stick with that mantra as I pack clothing for each day that I will be there.

In the above photo, I have 4 dresses, 1 bathing suit cover up, 2 bikinis, 8 pair of underwear (I always double up…going 4 days, need 8 pair. Clean underwear is clutch when nothing else can be cleaned), 2 pairs of sunglasses, 1 pair of pajamas, and toiletries.  Packing cubes are the easiest way to pack. You can pack according to day or back according to clothing types (ex: all under garments in one bag). I was able to fit all clothing items in 2 packing cubes designated as “shoe packing cubes” and toss those in my Jansport backpack. Throw the sunglasses on top and the toiletries for easy removal when I go through security. I will add a phone charger, iPod, headphones, and journal before I leave. I still have room in the bag to pack at least another 2 packing cubes if I needed to, but I don’t.

That is how I pack. The less I have to deal with while I’m at the airport, the better.