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Ah Ha Moment

Have you ever just followed your gut and then wondered if the decision was right? I’m sure you all have and I know I have done it a thousand times over on a thousand different things. I have my sounding board of family and friends who I get reassurance and opinions from, but ultimately, by the time I share with them my thoughts and feelings, I have already truly decided what my course of action will be. I guess, we all just want someone to say to us, “you’ve made the right choice.” I know if my mom was alive, she’d say, “listen to your heart.”

Today, I had an AH-HA moment and I don’t mean breaking out into the tune “Take On Me.” Though, I have been prone to breaking out into that song when I do realize I have those moments. It’s how my brain is wired. I can’t help it.

As I search for another job or live my life in general, I’ve been getting a lot of “You don’t want to do …” and I’ve realized that I don’t want someone to tell me what I don’t want to do. I want someone to ask me, what do you want to do? It truly is a simple question: What do you want to do? It’s like asking a child what they want to be when they grow up. When they answer, no one ever says, “you don’t want to be a fireman or president.” We encourage the child to live their dreams and to chase it. Why do we as adults, discourage other adults to stop living their dreams and to stop chasing their dreams?

It’s ridiculous I tell you, and I for one will make an effort in stopping myself from doing the negative of “You don’t want to do that…”

So, if you’re asking…what do I want to do:
– Wish my Grandma the happiest 93rd birthday ever. She has been an inspiration and rock to me since I was a child.
– Enjoy a lunch with my personal ray of sunshine, Kevin, if he gets his errands completed
– Workout
– Write
– Work on my resume
– Create a necklace or two

Thanks for asking and what do you want to do?

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  1. This is the greatest thing to read because, like you, I've been under the same stress lately but what you wrote, i took a while other way. See, everyone is asking me what i want to do. My problem is…i have no clue what i want to be when i grow up! But when you say the answers to what do i want to do, it makes me realize that is the way I've always lived and i need to go back to that again. So thank you for saying the simple things like working out and writing because if i just focus in the moment at hand and not stress out, everything will workout the way it's meant to be! -Suzanne

  2. You're welcome and you're absolutely right…focus on the moment at hand and don't stress. Life will be as is should! Miss you!