Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: December 2012

Gravity Storm by Jimmy Buffett
The music of Jimmy Buffett never fails to give me an answer when I have a question for life. And the lyrics in this song answered my questions of how do I know what is right for me and what am I suppose to do next. “All your life you have to deal with ups and downs.  So listen to your heartstrings as they make the sounds.  Don’t forget to listen to that steady beat.  Don’t forget to balance on your ready feet.”

100 Years by 26
This song is just simply beautiful. If I should ever wed, I’d like this song to be played at my wedding. I just feel the song is a poem to love.

I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight by U2
I think we all feel this way once in a while and these lyrics reminded me that every obstacle in life is not a mountain. “It’s not a hill, it’s a mountain as you start out the climb. Listen for me, I’ll be shouting we’re gonna make it all the way to the light.”

Fairy Tales & Miracles by Miggs
Every girl grows up believing in fairy tales. Most of never stop believing in them. This song is a reminder to me to always believe in the fairy tales and the miracles of the world. “Drum the doubting from your head…Reminding everybody to remember when you could still believe in fairytales and miracles. Still conceive anything is possible. Still believe in the make believe.”

Every Single Body Else by Butch Walker and the Black Widows
This lyric says it all: “Take it easy on yourself.” Right or wrong. Good or bad. We all shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves.

Did I Fool Ya by Jason Mraz
This song is from Jason’s live CD Live at Java Joe’s and is just a fun song and puts me in a good mood.

Walk the Walk by Poe
Poe will always be one of my favorite female artists of all time. Her voice is just amazing and her lyrics are so powerful. I have traveled to Atlanta to see her and even traveled there to see her perform with her brother, Mark Danielewski (one of my favorite writers). This song is from her CD Haunted and is an anthem for me to how to live my life: “When you walk the walk, you gotta back it all up you gotta talk the talk…don’t wanna measure out my life to the tick of a clock…I wanna walk to the beat of my own drum…I wanna fly, cry, win, lose, live, die, take five…dear world, I’m pleased to meet you…Then suddenly you hear it’s the beat of your heart and for the first time in your life, you know your life is about to start.”

Tomorrow in a Bottle by Timbaland featuring Chad Kroeger & Sebastian
This song is about a breakup but I just love the lyric. “Put tomorrow in a bottle.” Nothing is more important than this very moment.

Razorblades and Bandaids by Econoline Crush
Econoline Crush is still a “90s” band I listen to on a regular basis. This song popped up on my iPod on my drive back from DET to CLT and made me think of my mom and the lyrics “I miss you more than words can say. I miss you every single empty day.”

Overkill by Jimmy Buffett
Sometimes we all worry too much, do too much, give up ourselves too much, think too much, etc and this song is telling us it’s all overkill. Just breathe and listen to your heart.

Chin Up, Cheer Up by Ryan Adams
The song title says it up. Whenever you’re feeling low, chin up, cheer up!

Home by Donavon Frankenreiter
     “When the city’s got me down, I hit the country road out of town slowing everything that can be so I can remember what I can’t see…I feel home.”