Exist Loudly

Reflections of 2012

I rang 2012 in Bondi (Australia).

I rang 2013 in Detroit, MI.

One was sunshine with sandy beaches. One was gray skies and melting snow.

Both were places I never I imagined I’d be, but forever grateful for the paths that put me in both locations.

I can say I have two regrets in 2012
1) Saying no to a guy I should have said yes to. I’ll always kick myself for it, but I knew then as I still know now that the timing wasn’t right. Our paths shall cross again.
2) Letting people bully me and feel less than adequate at my old job. I have this to say, I learned several things from the bulliness. I was and still am damn awesome at my job and any doubt I had because of the bullying was only demolished by everyone who came to my side, my aid, and who opened doors for me. I can only hope that one day you bullies feel as respected and admired as I did and still do.

Reflections of greatness in 2012…
My friends became the family I chose and my family (real and chosen) grew closer. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my family and family of friends. They are my light in the dark moments and my laughter in the sad moments. We have shared drinks, laughter, tears, heartache, heart smiles, good times, bad times, and more. I would not change any bit of that and look forward to 2013 to do it more. Even if there is distance between us, the love and respect is sitting right next to them.
I realized after returning from Australia that my heart and soul longs to return there permanently. I spent a great part of 2012 setting the path to make that happen. Expatriating to the Land Down Under is no pipe dream or wish, it is a goal that will be accomplished. It will be home and my heart and soul will be at peace with it.
Being a great influence for my niece, Riley. I am far from perfect. I cuss like a sailor and drink a little too much and party a little too hard at times, but knowing that my niece respects, loves, and looks up to me makes me so proud and honored. She looks past my flaws and sees the strengths and I look at her and see the amazing and beautiful person she will grow up to be.

As I look into 2013, I know the following will happen:
– I will live each day in the moment and to the fullest.
– I will write the novel I thought of in Dec 2012 by February 28th
– I will drop those pesky remaining pounds
– I will run a half marathon in October that crosses into Canada with my friend, Amy.
– I will see Key West in August
– I will see Australia again.