Exist Loudly

A Delayed Thank You

This is a way overdue thank you. I didn’t get the chance to say thank you in person or even via the internet until today.

Life said here go and kicked me out the door. No proper goodbyes, hugs, or shenanigans.

So, though late…here is my huge and grateful thank you to the following:

BeBop, The Gin Mill Family, Krissie, Annie & Brad, Gail, Heather, Nikki, and Ronnie

I cannot thank everyone enough for their wonderful going away gift. You guys are amazing and I am forever grateful for having you in my life. I am so glad that my work brought you all into my life and that through it, we not only became friends, but family. We have all been through ups, downs, laughter, and fun together. I look forward to the future where we can still do the same. I may be some 600 plus miles away, but I am always a phone call, a drive, a flight, and Twitter message away.

BeBop – you have been a wonderful inspiration. Constantly bringing me new music and going to shows with me for as long as I can remember working. The artists you work with are so lucky to have your support and I am far better for knowing you, working with you, and being your friend.

The Gin Mill Family – what can I say? My drinking will more than likely drop by 75% now that I am no longer behind you, but you will always be my family. You have been there for me like my own family…nursing heartaches and celebrating happiness. I cannot thank you enough for becoming my family and for letting us take over the corner.

Krissie – who would have thought that our mutual love of Gareth Asher’s music and the Gin Mill would have made us sisters from another mister. Thank you for being the sounding board and my string to reality when I float into dream land…and of course being there for all the fun, laughter, and shenanigans.

Annie & Brad – the music loving couple who inspire me that soulmates and love does exist and that music can bring two hearts together and that music can bring friends together.

Gail – your vast knowledge of music and love of music amazes and inspires me. I am so glad to have finally met you and know you and even happier that I could get you the opportunity to meet Rob Thomas. I’ll see you in the Atrium bar in February! Have the vodka cold!

Heather – sitting alone together at the bar or amongst the crew, I can always count on you to make me laugh and know that whatever adventure I am on you are usually there with me in spirit or sitting beside me in the camper van. Your spunk and spirit will take you places and I am glad I get to watch you go places and go with you.

Nikki – my hockey partner in crime and music industry co-hort. Though we worked “across the street” from each other, I’m glad we didn’t let that interfere with our friendship. I am glad I get to encourage you to make awesome bad life choices, sharing the laughter, and the tears of everything life has thrown at us.

Ronnie – if you were straight, I’d totally make out with you…wait…I have anyway. You have become one of my closest and trustworthy best friends. I am so glad I crashed your birthday party. You are truly a ray of sunshine and inspiration. I am so glad you are in my life and if you think you can get rid of me, you’re sadly mistaken.

Additional Thank You…seriously, I don’t deserve this much greatness in my life.

Josh – music, hockey, and The Gin Mill…whether you’re #SingleJosh or not, I’m glad I have you as the brother from another mother that that heckles me, encourages me, challenges me, and inspires laughter, 90’s hip hop flashbacks, and to go out there and get some.

I love you all.