Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: January 2013

I didn’t write, post, or do anything constructive in January…well, I don’t feel like I did anyway. I pretty much hid from life. My life was kind of in limbo. Living half here and living half there. My thoughts, my emotions, and physical being were/are tired, depressed, and wants to just crawl under the covers and hide from the world. I think the songs of this month, reflect the lowest of lows I’ve felt but also reflect that shining light I struggle so hard to keep bright.

The World on a String by Our Lady Peace
     This was the first song that popped onto my iPod in 2013 and it could not have been more fitting. “It gets tangled up and spun around like the truth inside a liar. Sometimes you wanna get high and sometimes you run and hide cause it eats you up and spits you out it swallows you alive.” That has been how I have felt so far about January and the year of 2013.

Crumbs From Your Table by U2
This song is one of those gems I often forget that U2 has, but again, iPod on shuffle and rediscoveries are made! I just really fell in love with the lyrics again. If you are a reader of this website, you know I am a believer in signs and wonder and those are the lyrics that connected because for once, I wanted to see more than just signs and wonder. “You speak of signs and wonders but I need something other. I would believe if I was able, but I’m waiting on the crumbs from your table.”

Lost by Coldplay
Lost…pretty much sums up a lot of what I have been feeling.

Glow by Donavon Frakenreiter
I have a few artist that put me in a good mood. Donavon is one of them. This song was my reminder to myself to “Glow, I wanna see you glow. I wanna see your daylight shining all around your heart. I wanna see you glow. I wanna see your daylight so bright all around my soul.”

When Did Your Heart Go Missing by Rooney
This song makes me want to get up and dance and just reminds me to have a good time and not to let the moments go.

Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Just enjoy this song.

Hello Cosmo by Animal Mag
Road trip and iPod on shuffle brought me this song just when I needed it. All the lyrics were words I needed to hear. Words I needed to be reminded of and words I needed to continue to live by. “Hello Cosmo didn’t mean to go astray. Took life to serious began to slip away. Almost conformed to expectations of the mass, need to relax awhile and lie down in the grass. Good day sunshine can I share in your warm glow? Put trust in people that I did not even know, almost convinced me to regret the things I’ve done. Need to redeem myself and sit here in the sun.  Look at me and what you see is what I am and I’ll be who I wanna.”

Elegant by Econoline Crush
I just love this Canadian band. This was another song that when I heard it on my last road trip, got me thinking about some things and made me see the bigger picture of things in my past and allowed me to put it in a little red balloon and let it go. “You took me in, you sold me out. I maybe knew it all along. I’m not crazy, I’m not blind. I’m too elegant to lie…”

Every Single Body Else by Butch Walker
When I hear this song, I instantly think of “The Gin Mill Family.” This songs reminds me of all us because as the song goes…“One for the hangover and two for when the morning comes…We were never meant to be like this…We were never meant to be like every single body else…Cause today we’re alive but tomorrow, we could die. But I live knowing that I love and I’ll die knowing that I’ve loved.”

Mana by Xavier Rudd
If you know don’t know about Xavier Rudd, you’re missing out on this great Australian musician.  This song really does reconnect me to the earth, sun, moon, & skies. There is something about the drums and the didgeridoo that makes it soulful and beautiful.

It’s All Good by Tater
Another road trip wonder song. Tater formed after Luke of Animal Bag (above band) formed a bluegrass band and I’m so grateful Luke didn’t stop writing & playing music because this song has become my motto this week. “That’s life or so they say. You’re gonna have your days filled with sunlight, you’re gonna have your grays…Don’t waste your time just dwelling on your sorrows, gotta let them go. And every day I wake is another perfect day, a chance to leave it all behind, a chance to keep an open mind. And every time I question things that come my way, it’s when I realize, it’s what you make of it…if you sit around waiting for tomorrow, you find it’s already gone…time is always now…it’s all good…”