Me on Social Media

Here are my social media thoughts…and I do mean, my thoughts on the social media I use.

If you Foursquare via Twitter more than you actually Twitter, I’ve probably unfollowed you or I don’t follow you at all.
I don’t care if you’re the Mayor, the President, Hot Shit of Whatever. If I wanted to know your whereabouts, I’d ask…and unless you really are an honest to whatever you worship as holy a mayor or president, I won’t care about your fake label. I think Foursquare is lame. It’s my opinion and you don’t have to like it or agree.

If your Facebook updates automatically post to your Twitter, I’m probably not following you on Twitter.
It’s not that I don’t like you. I don’t need a double dose of your status update. One is fine for me.

     If your Twitter updates automatically post to your Facebook and we’re “FB Friends,” I don’t have your updates in my news feed.
Again, no disrespect…or no tea, no shade…one dose of your update will do me just fine.

     If you post the exact same thing on all social media you use 90% of the time, I’ve probably unfollowed you Twitter.
No tea, no shade. One dose of your update. And I fall victim to this when I write new blog posts. I try to be very conscious of it all, but I do the lazy thing too and post the same thing. I get it. I understand. But if day in and day out it’s the same thing on all social media, I’m good with following you on one platform. I have a Facebook page just for my Twitterless friends who have no desire to join the social media awesomeness. My tweets update that page just for them to keep up with me because I am not a fan of Facebook & they are not a fan of Twitter. Somehow, we have found a happy medium.

     If I unfollow you on Twitter, seriously it is no disrespect. There are many reasons. See above for any reason, I was probably a bit wasted and hit what I thought was the right button but apparently not, touch phones are sensitive and I probably don’t even know I unfollowed you and yes it was an honest accident…pick one…any reason.
It is not the end of the world. If we are friends in real life, I’m still your friend even if I’m not following your goofy ass on Twitter.
     This also goes for Facebook. I often do a purge, just add me back. I get real click happy at times. No offense.

     If you only retweet and never actually tweet, I’ve unfollowed you.

If you have never tweeted at all, I probably haven’t followed you.
That also goes for if you’ve only tweeted a handful of times and don’t really use it at all or you haven’t tweeted anything in 30 days.

If you’re a band and you retweet every single thing that has been tweeted to you, I have more than likely unfollowed you.
There are a few exceptions, but as much as I love your music and am a fan…I want to see original thoughts from you.

If you follow me and I don’t follow you, for the love of moses don’t be offended. You just might be in a private list instead. Trying to read 5000 tweets from 2000 people can be a nightmare. Hell, just reading tweets from 130 people I follow is hard to keep up with.
If I know you personally, we’re connected somehow, someway, on some social media platform. You probably even have my email and number. Easiest ways to keep up with me right there.

     I prefer Twitter over all other social media.
     If you follow me, I tweet a lot. I am random in my tweets. I will tweet about hockey, shenanigans, fun with friends, my dog, music, and whatever is on my mind at the moment. I will retweet things I find inspiring, funny, and I will retweet hockey things you may never understand. I will use profanity. I will use emoticons. I will use hashtags that make no sense. I will promote the hell out of my favorite bands and whatever my friends are raising money for. I will quote TV shows, movies, random things I hear, and songs. #ThisMayNotMakeAnySense, but I wanted to tweet it…so I did.

If you seriously need to get in touch with me, email me, call me, text me. Please do not Facebook me. I am not on it enough.
     I will more than likely share a photo of Australia at least three to four times a month. That country is home for me.
     I hide 90% of everyone from my news feed. I do see everything my niece does. She’s 13, I like to make sure she’s on the up & up. I do see everything my sister & dad does. We don’t talk everyday but this makes me feel closer to home.
     I have a Facebook page for this very website, my Twitter updates it. I’m more active on that than I am my personal page.
     I have a personal Facebook page. I don’t make it easy to find me.

So there it is…me on Social Media…these are my own set of rules for myself.


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