Closer to the Edge

Songs of My Life: February 2013

An iPod on shuffle can actually bring you answers to the questions you seek if you have an open mind and are willing to see or hear.
February should have been titled. Ask the Universe a Question and the iPod has the answer.
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Flashlight by Chris Young
I was a daddy’s girl growing up. I was not more than three feet behind him as a child. When he was in the garage, I was in the garage. He would fix engines, I would play in my parts bucket and pretend to fix my own engine. My sister had dolls, I had dolls and Hotwheels. My dad was the reason I took 3 years of auto mechanics in high school. I have held the flashlight in this song. I learned a lot from holding that flashlight.
Closer to the Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars (MTV Unplugged Version)
This song always comes on my iPod when I need to know my Mom is near by or with me. And this time, I was on the Ohio Turnpike talking out loud to the Universe about my life and asking questions that I so wanted answers for and this song started playing. As the chorus started, tears rolled down my cheeks and the lyrics gave me the answer I needed at that moment: “Can you imagine a time when the truth ran free? The birth of a song and the death of a dream. This never ending story paid for with pride and fate, we all fall short of glory, lost in our fate…”
Coconut Skins by Damien Rice (Live from XM Studios) (Video link is close as I could get to XM)
This live version of this song will always remind me of a road trip I took with Ana, Johnny, & Mark to DC to see Damien. The trip was filled with laughter, whistle offs, car break down, tequila, mojitos, music and friends. This song made me remember to just fucking live. “You can brave decisions before you crumble up inside. Spend your time asking everyone else’s permission, then run away and hide…but if anyone should ask, tell them I’ve been licking coconut skins and we’ve been hanging out. Tell them God just dropped by to forgive our sins and relieve us our doubt.”
Lose the Greed by Gareth Asher
     There is nothing Gareth can sing that I won’t like. His voice holds so much emotion, life, and power and his music is just the same. I am a giver by nature. I would rather do without and do with less than have any of my family or friends be without. If that makes me broke, alone, whatever, then I am okay with it. I am actually more than okay with it, I am happy to choose to give. It makes me happy. A friend pointed out my giving nature and my empty bank account, but this song reminded me why I do it. “I’m still alive…and don’t take what you don’t need, the ones you love will only bleed..make the change and lose the greed…love with greed will cloud your vision and I’m done harboring one…”
All Around Us by Donavon Frankenreiter
When I need soul guidance, I turn to a handful of artists and Donavon is one of them. Sometimes it’s as if a certain song was just written for the question I ask. “My mind is running, but I don’t know when to speed up, even slow down. This road laughs at me like I’m a clown. But you got to go around the world that’s around you…a sense of worth when the day is done, ’cause you tried your hardest out on the run. You look back and wonder if it’s worth it, but you can never put a price on the days that were perfect…”
Call Me by Shinedown
I am a bigger fan of Shinedown’s guitar driven rock, but this song is just poetic. We all have or will at one point go through the emotions of the lyrics and we must always remember these lyrics: “It’s all I can say…I’ll always keep you inside, you healed my heart and my life…and you know I try.”
Breathe by Ryan Star
A song that is how I feel and what I need to do. “She’s fine most of the time, she takes her days with a smile…but sometimes she falls down…breathe, just breathe…let the life that you life be all that you need…let go of the fear, let go of the doubt, let go of the ones who try bring you down…you’re gonna be fine, don’t hold it inside…”
Year of Living Dangerously by Scissor Sisters
This is how I plan on living 2013 and the rest of my life. “This is my life, this is my dream, this is my belief, it’s my fantasy. Still haven’t found what’s gonna set me free. This is my year of living dangerously. This is my time, just a maybe, this is my desire it comes naturally. I still got to find what’s gonna set me free…ain’t gonna stop for no one…”
Aviation High by Semi Precious Weapons
I just like this song.