Beast Mode 2013

In 2012, I did a 12 week workout program that I set up myself entitled Beast Mode. I did relatively well on it and saw results.


Fast forward to now, I set up a Beast Mode 2013. Knowing what I did in 2012, I made this just as equally hard, pushing myself to the max and then the realization kicked in.

I was setting myself up for sure failure. I know me. I know how I get mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually when I work out. It’s an all or nothing attitude and it wasn’t going to work. No matter how many pretty little charts and grids and self motivating quotes I had posted on those pretty little charts and grids.

I took a step back and a deep breathe and realized, I had to ease myself back into the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual of working out. I don’t hate working out. I rather enjoy the benefits I get from it.

My first week of Beast Mode 2013 was 3 or 4 workouts a day, split between AM and PM. Crazy bitch! First, I am no where near a morning person. I like my sleep a lot. I like at least 8 hours of it. That 5 am wake up call was soon to be failure #1. So I set the alarm anyway this week for the 5 am wake up call. I didn’t get up. I knew I wasn’t. I wasn’t going to lie to myself. On Monday evening, I gave myself a little pep talk. It’s the same one I used in 2012. “Do you want to be fit or do you want to be fat?” I left work and worked out.

So I’ve redone the work out schedule…instead of it being balls to the wall…it’s hit the ground and I got this…

One week and one day at a time. The last ten pounds and toned tummy will happen, just not in the first week by hurting myself.

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