Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: March 2013

Technically, the first 4 songs should have been in February, but I spent the last week of February on a giant boat with some of the best people I know…listening to music, falling in love with new music, and enjoying new music and that carried the first 4 songs into March, when I stepped back into reality.

Reality can suck that’s for sure, but the last week of February “DID NOT SUCK” as Julie would say and March was inspiring with music and “don’t get fancy, just get dancy” music. Well, music I call dancy music.

I know, that it may seem that I hand pick or choose these songs, but I don’t. These songs are really music, lyrics, and melodies that speak to me. That’s the best thing about having an iTunes library that is ginormous and a 120 gig iPod!


Loudest Alarm by Scars on 45
I don’t know what the song means, I don’t care what the song means. The beat just makes me happy and I love the lyrics “Well you must be living with a four leaf clover, the number 7 running all the way through you…”

Everything Moves by Bronze Radio Return
Probably one of my favorite songs they do live and a reminder to not stand still in life. The lyrics, ‘cuz you know there are some that I connect to… “Even though I don’t know quite what to do, the time will show what we know is hardly ever true. I’d rather have then never had the spinning room, the feeling that I moved. No more standing still at your will but you can try until you see the motion’s moving you…”

Monkey Pants by Rusted Root
I hate pants, but I will put my monkey pants on and dance to this song! Besides, the song is called MONKEY PANTS. Seriously, possibly one of the greatest song titles ever!! EVER!

Neon White by Stokeswood (live performance)
When you see a band live, it’s hard to sometimes get into their performance when you have never heard of the band or seen them before. Not with this band. With the first few musical notes drifting into the air, I knew I was about to transcend to another place on a music high. I was completely blown away. I fell in love with their live performance. The energy coming from the stage is a crazy universal mix of greatness. I told all of my friends they had to see this band live and if they didn’t love them, they were essentially musically stupid and morons. And yes, this little band from the A-T-L, has earned a spot as one of my top 10 live shows EVER! So if they’re in your area, go see them. You will not be disappointed and if you are, I refer to my previous statement of you are musically stupid and a moron.

Stop Stop by The Black Keys
One word. Infectious.

Mockingbird* by Michael Tolcher
I love, love, love this song. It truly makes me happy when I hear it. “Hey mockingbird, sing me song…take me on a journey, lift me to higher ground…make me happy, make me want to dance, make me forget why am feeling low, make me wonder, make me want to sing, make me cry but make me feel loved… “
     *the lyrics are from the recorded version, not the live version on the link

Changing Channels by Jimmy Buffett
Easily one of my top 10 favorite Buffett songs. I have always connected to this song and the lyrics. iPod on Shuffle, gives Universal Answers as I have been saying about the Songs of My Life this year. This popped up and just reminded me of Key West and my love for that island, where my soul just sighs in relief. “There’s an island in the ocean, where the people stay in motion. Somewhere on the old gulf stream, do they live or did I dream?”

Life, Love, Laughter by Donavon Frankenreiter (acoustic awesomeness of this song)
This is how I try to live my life. “I’m lookin for life, love and laughter. Everything in between and what happens after.” Though the lyrics to the entire song should be a manual for everyone’s life and has become one for me.

City Song by Tater (originally by Animal Bag)
This is another iPod on Shuffle, gives Universal Answers with a Song…these lyrics were a perfect fit to how I was feeling when the song started playing. “Woke up this morning, felt the sunlight on my face. Somehow I’m still here in this same old place. Too late to wonder if I’ve made the right choice. Talk to myself until I’m sick of my own voice. Still I wonder if this change has done me good. Am I really where I want to be? Oh, I don’t know. Crawl out of the bed and join the silly human race. Go to the sink and wash the city from my face. Been here for months now, but I still can’t call it home. Fourteen million people but I’d do as well alone…Guess I’m learnin’ how to make it on my own. Letting go of what I love set me free. Now I know…”

Mirrored Shades by Animal Bag
“Shit, the alarm – now don’t be afraid. New worlds to conquer, beds to be made. Promises broken, heroes are slain. Forgive and forget, forgotten, forgave. Drinks are raised, toasts are made…”

On My Way by Tater
I was somewhere on I-77 between MI & NC when this came on. As a sign from the Universe person, the lyrics spoke to me. “How many times have I looked for the reasoning in the things that I’m seeing…I’m on my way, I’m not really sure where I’m heading these days…living life is a chance we’re taking…”

Springsteen by Eric Church
This song lyric says it all…“funny how a melody, seems like a memory…”

Southern State of Mind by Darius Rucker
A perfect description of my mind, where I’m from, and how Southerners were raised. “…They don’t understand, they don’t like it when I hold the door or when I say yes ma’am…I could be anywhere. In my heart I’m always there. Where they drink sweet tea and they raise you to be polite. No changin’ who I am, that’s the way I’ve always been. No matter what state I’m in, I’m in a southern state of mind. I’m always walkin’ round tellin’ everybody hi. Just a wavin’ at the strangers in the cars passin’ by…Hey y’all I ain’t crazy I’m in a southern state of mind…where you know everybody and if you don’t, you’re still polite…you can hear it when I talk…and a little southern drawl…”

All Right by Donavon Frankenreiter
“Don’t worry about a thing, heaven knows what the day will bring. There’s a big ol’ sun lightin’ up your sky, burning off your blues, let the good light shine. It’s gonna be all right…don’t lose a lick of sleep…it’s gonna be all right.”

The Chop by Manila Luzon & Latrice Royale
I am constantly inspired by the LBGTs of the world. They have to go through so much more shit than the straight world has to go through and they make it through. Tougher, stronger, and united as one family. Straight people of the world, we could learn a lot from their unity and sense of family, friends, sisterhood, brotherhood. This song is a shout out to never giving up on your dreams or what you want in life. I don’t care who you are, what gender you are, what sexuality you choose, or what color you are…everyone needs this song in their life. Play it when you feel defeated and then “Give it everything you got. Try to make it to the top. Never ever gonna stop, even if you get the chop…go get what you want…baby life is never fair…Life don’t always go your way and you’re forced to sashay but it’s gonna be okay…”