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Stage = Ryan Star

Stage’s song “I Will Be Something” was one of my favorite songs of 2003. Hell the album was on my favorites. I remember my label rep handing me the album and him saying “this is right up your alley” and falling in love with the album.

How did I not realize until today that Ryan Star, a favorite singer of mine, was not in Stage? Maybe I should read bios or stalk the Wiki world for stuff like that. I’m just so content on listening to music that I never put two and two together until I was listening to the song today. I kept thinking as the song played, I don’t remember what album this Ryan Star song was on. Right singer, wrong band.

This song was an anthem for me. I remember falling in love with the lyrics… “With my pen and all my tears, I will be something, that’s all. You will be nothing at all…”

And from Ryan’s solo stuff, this was my favorite tune off of 11:59

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