Yesterday wasn’t a great writing day for me. If I’m going to finish this novel by April 30th, it’s going to be down right impossible if I continue having writing days like yesterday.

Why was yesterday so bad?

I wrote ZERO words.

It takes words to fill a page…pages to fill a chapter…chapters to fill a book.

I accomplished a big fat nothing. I tried. I sat at the monitor looking at the blinking cursor and waited for my empty brain to do or say anything…to think of anything. I walked the dog, I cleaned, I worked on a craft project and still nothing when I sat back down in front of the monitor

When I stared at the ceiling, feeling defeated on day 2 of my challenge, I had pretty much let the Negative Nancy on my shoulder tell me that I was sucking at being a writer.

Then today, I read two inspiring posts.

From my friend Rob, “It’s better to finish, because then I can move on to do something else.” And though his post is short, I read it over and over all day. It’s better to finish and move on. I have had one work in progress (WIP) in my head in various forms for years and I do mean years. I just need to write it and get it out of my head.

And then this post from Andrew, “…likes to show us that anything is possible if you are willing to push yourself…” Granted, this post was about being an Ironman (you Ironmen are cray cray, but god damn you’re also inspiring people) but it I just kept going back to that line. It’s possible, I just need to push myself.

So thank you Rob & Andrew for being the kick in the pants I needed today to write. I can finish this novel and I will push myself to the limits to do so.