Spending Freeze Redux

I’ve done a spending freeze for about a month before and it’s worked. Now that I’m no longer paying rent in two different cities and finally caught up on all the bills I ignored while paying rent in two different cities, I am ready to tackle this challenge again. With 100% of my heart and soul.

You can read my previous post “Hey Debt, We’re Breaking Up“and “Revisiting the Spending Freeze” and you can read where I was inspired at And Then We Saved

Over at And Then We Saved, you can do a spending freeze or spending diet and I’m actually combining them for my Save a Shit Load June (which should roughly be 400). Though that might not be a shit load to some, it’s a lot when you live pay check to pay check like I do. Like I’ve said in a previous post, it’s feed me or the dog. Nick wins. I can eat ramen and peanut butter jelly sandwiches for a while. He on the other hand, cannot.

Sitting down with my checking account, bills, and painstakingly tracking where each dime goes sucks giant testicles. I won’t even lie about it. It just sucks. But I did it. I currently have two checking accounts now. 80% of my check goes into one account and the other 20% goes into the second. Check account #1 pays my rent, utilities, car payments, etc. Check account #2 pays for gas for the car, groceries, etc. Once #2 runs out of money. I am S-O-L.

I have been robbing one account to pay for another for the last 5 months and it’s high time I stop and like the quote I have tattooed on my arm “THE TIME IS NOW

And here I am…facing my nearly overdrawn checking accounts in the face and all I can hear in my head is Lonestar, from Spaceballs saying “Take only what you need to survive.”

What do I need to survive this month: food, gas for my car so I can get to work and home, and a box of hair dye. (For all that’s holy, God’s natural highlights are shining. I’m starting to look like Morticia from the Addams Family.)

And those will be the only things I buy this month. No junk food. No going out. No dining out. I’m in lock down.

I have given myself a monthly budget of $50 that’s for things that pop up, but once that $50 is spent, it’s spent. No more.

I have $12,000 in debt I want gone. I’m shooting for it to be at a 0 balance by March of 2014. (I want December of 2013, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure…I know how I get mentally when I hit a bump in the road).

I’ll update debt levels and fast results monthly…until then…wish me luck!

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