Closer to the Edge

Letters to Lek: Happy Birthday Crazy Little Thai Lady

Crazy Little Thai Lady was my mom’s nickname. Who gave it to her, no idea. She wasn’t knife wielding crazy or any of that sort. She was more of a 110 degree heat, pushing a lawn mower around 4 acres of land, crazy. There was nothing she couldn’t do and you couldn’t tell her “no, it’s impossible.”

I guess that’s where I get my stubborn, I can do it, I dare you to dare me to do it, I dare you to tell me I can’t do it attitude.

Today is her birthday. Here is my letter to her.

Dear Mama,
     Happy Birthday. You’re 65 years young today. If you were here, I’m positive we would have celebrated by going to Pizza Hut where you would have eaten a piece of garlic bread and maybe a slice of pizza before looking at me and saying, “I’m full.” I would roll my eyes at you and laugh. You always did that. Whatever occasion we were to celebrate, Pizza Hut was your go to. Your love of pizza amazed me. You amazed me. You still amaze me.
     Wherever you are in this bright big Universe Mama, I hope you’re having a good time. I know you’re not alone. I know we are not alone. I hope you’re looking down on us with your head cocked to one side, smiling and knowing that your family is doing all right.
     I still think about you a lot, but the tears don’t fall as often now. Though sometimes they seem to fall harder than when you left us. I often seek answers from you and you often respond in a song that shuffles onto my iPod. You’re sneaky and good like that.
     I wish you could see Taylor. Gah, if you’re spirit didn’t flow right into her, then I don’t know what did. She’s a spitfire like you and even does that little head cock like you do. And Riley, you would be so proud of her. She’s smart, still just as beautiful, down right funny, and aggravates the crap out of Brenda just like Brenda did you.
     Then there’s Daddy. He reminds me of Rory on Doctor Who. Rory was the man that waited 2000 years for his Amy to return and Daddy will wait to the end of time and space to be reunited with you. I still believe you two cursed me in the relationship department. Your love for each other is too grand, too big, too much for this mere earth to hold.
     Happy Birthday Mama. I love you.

Now, I’ll turn up “Closer to the Edge” and sing it loud for you.

“…I will never forget…I will never regret…I will live my life…closer to the edge…”