Exist Loudly

Putting Bass in My Walk


….sometimes, getting in my own head with a flashlight and exploring the nether regions of it is a dangerous place…

I’m in a mood, a funk, a whatever you want to call it. Nothing specific happened to put me there. I just woke up one day and was blah.

Sometimes, I just wake up and I’m there, standing on the edge of the darkness with one toe in and the next day, I could be in the middle of a sunny field and staring at the bright blue skies.

As John Denver sang “some days are diamonds, some days are stone…” and that is true for me. Sometimes I walk the crooked line and sometimes it’s straight.

As I sat and texted with niece about music, I told her one of my favorite quotes about music is from Ville Valo of HIM.

“Music is my God, my best friend.”

And he nailed everything I believed in as a kid, as a pre-teen, teen, and an adult on the head with seven words. Music is there for us to heal, to better ourselves, to explore the dark with a friend.

When I have that blah moment, this is one of my go to songs.

Just a reminder to myself to be fierce.

…Put the bass in your walk, head to toe let your whole body talk…Walk…now walk…walk….now walk…and what?…