Half Marathon Training Round 1

Technically, my half training doesn’t start until July, but I’m taking the 3 weeks prior to that as pre-training. I’m going to need all the extra help I can get.

Half Marathon Training Round 1
Starting measurements: 130lb with a 36 bustline, 31 chest, 31 waist, 38 hips.

Friday, June 14th
I had sorted taken a break from working out from May 25th until today. I had 2 festivals coming up. One for work (squeeze in 50+ hours of work in 3 days). One for fun with a little work. I had beat myself up for a good two months and I needed rest. I am no where near calling myself a runner. When I say I “ran”, I really mean “walk/jog”. I take my dog with me now. He stops to sniff grass, I ususally stop to watch him sniff grass. Depending on the weather, I can run/jog about 4-5 minutes without my lungs imploding on themselves and before that feeling of vomiting on myself happens.
Today, I decided to go for a test run/walk/jog since I really hadn’t been working out or doing anything constructive. I walked the first mile. I ran for half. I walked for half. Repeat until the end. Tomorrow, I hope to do another test run/walk /jog without Nick da Dawg. I hope to actually run more than half a mile before wanting to collapse on the pavement in tears.

Monday, June 17th
I actually ran 2.17 miles. Ran…without stopping. I took one 60 second walk to catch my breath and then started to run again. My left knee felt a twinge of pain as I started again and my right calf felt tight, but I powered through to the end.

Tuesday, June 18th
This was any do anything besides running day. I chose to do Jillian Michaels Body Shred, Level 2 (JMBS-L2). You can scoff, laugh, roll your eyes, whatever, but she kicks my ass and I’m in puddle of my own sweat after the work out. I need to tone my body and this a good way for me to do it as I’ve done her Body Shred workout before and know it works. I skipped Level 1 (my go to comfort zone) for just fucking uncomfortable, push your limits today Level 2. I wavered on working out because of a headache that I neutralized with caffeine (I was desperate and in pain). Why waiver? I was coming off a caffeine/sugar buzz and was crashing but I forced myself to do the workout. I’m glad I did. I was still shaky from the caffeine/sugar, but I the shaky from working was a better feeling!

Wednesday, June 19th
3 miles was the goal. I shorted myself by .20 in miscalculations. I was happy with what I did. I was pacing 9min+ at one point but slowed myself down to a 12 min+ mile. I knew something was off when I felt dizzy and lightheaded. I heard my annoying little app chirp out my time, pace, and realized it was because I was pushing myself too hard. I want to train properly so I’m not immediately jumping to a 9 min mile the first week of training.

Thursday, June 20th
I wanted to be fat kid today (which I know is wrong to say, but I can’t help it). I wanted to eat an entire chocolate cake with chocolate icing and not be mad at myself. I was cranky when I left work with a headache and forced myself to run. I had 2 options. Run or do something besides running. I had originally wanted to run today and save my non run day for tomorrow. I threw on my shoes and ran. It was the worst of the week. 2.8 miles of sheer self torture. I walked a lot more in this run. My knees couldn’t find their sync on the restart. I honestly, just felt defeated by it all but I completed every annoying minute of it.

Friday, June 21st
I had that chocolate cake in form of a cupcake. I’m not even made about it. Today was a “no run” day but I did a work out (JMBS-L2). I’m sore from it. Proud of myself for actually going through 5 days of the plan so far. Normally, I would have found an excuse to quit already. Tomorrow is either a 4 mile or rest. Which I do or don’t do, moves to Sunday. I think I’ll run so I can do absolutely nothing except stare at the ceiling on Sunday. Next week, will be a tough week to train. I have 3 events at work that are all day events with 2 heading into nights. I’ve tried to adjust the training schedule around them so I can do other workouts on those days and run on the off days. It will be a true testament.

Saturday, June 22nd
Today was a rest day…I didn’t want it to be a rest day, but a migraine got the best of me and knocked me down and out for several hours as I slept. It was probably for the best. The temperature was obnoxious. I see people running in the midday high sun and think they’re nuts. The heat today was oppressive on the lungs, the body, everything.

Sunday, June 23rd
Would like to say I actually ran 4 miles, but my body & mind were so out of sync that I ran about  mile and half and walked the rest. It was a disaster of an AM run. The heat got to me, I thought I had eaten enough but didn’t and the story goes on. As I shared this with my friend, Ana, a runner, she said I would be able to figure out what worked for my body and not to give up.

All in all I felt this was a successful week in training. I actually ran which I hadn’t really done before. I need to train more on actually and finishing 3 miles before I jump into clocking 4 miles and I have to find what works for my breathing. I felt like giving up, but I didn’t.