Music for the Soul

Song of My Life: June 2013

Dear June, I’m glad you’re coming to an end. You were a doozy. I learned from you but I’m done with you.
Here are the songs that sum up my life in June.

“Days of Gold” by The Cadillac III (formerly The Cadillac Black)
And formerly known as American Bang. I adore this band. They are just a good ol’ Southern rock band…my generation’s version of Lynyrd Skynyrd if I had to categorize them. I was super pumped to hear Jake Owen plays this song live and it made me respect him a bit because he covered this song. I’m positive I was one of probably a handful of people who knew the song and where it came from. This song is absolutely what summer in the South is and nothing beats it.

“Turnaround” by Stokeswood
This band…another musical addiction. I have several [26], Xavier Rudd, Rammstein, Donovan Frankenrieter, Jimmy Buffett, Matthew Ryan, Ryan Adams…they release it, I will buy it. Could be a load of crap to most, but I will think it’s pure inspirational gold. This song is from “In the Field of Vibrations” and is so freaking infectious. These lyrics are what caught my ear: “I implore you to surrender before any more of us are slain…cause we all need to turnaround…”

“Came Back Haunted” by Nine Inch Nails
Damn what an infectious and addictive song. This song also spurred some creative spark inside my writing head, finally getting me over the writing block on my novel. Funny how a song can kick you in the ass!

“Jesus” by Brand New
June has been a weird month for me mentally. I just felt like I was pushing and slugging my way through the “ick” and the “darkness” of my own mind. This song was one of the songs that just sort of summed up my mind. “If they don’t put me away, it’ll be a miracle.  Do you believe you’re missing out and everything good is happening somewhere else? The night’s hard to get through and I will die all alone and when I arrive, I won’t know anyone.  Well, Jesus Christ…so what did You do those three days You were dead? ‘Cuz this problem’s gonna last more than the weekend…I’m not scared to die I’m a little bit scared of what comes after? ‘Cuz my bright is too sly to hold back all my dark…But I’ve had some time alone to hold my lies…But I’m scared I’ll get scared and I swear I’ll try to never give up. So do you think that we could work out a song…”

“Some Days Are Diamonds” by Amos Lee (John Denver cover)
There’s no need to explain really, the lyrics say it the best: “Some days are diamond, same days are stone. Sometimes the hard times won’t leave me alone…”

“Love & Do Not Hesitate” by David McMilin
This is one of my favorite songs by David and again, these lyrics sum up life the best: “Good don’t come to those who wait, good don’t come to those who hate. Good shows up in the mailboxes of those who love and do not hesitate.”

“Cover Girl” by RuPaul
I wrote a post on this song and why it’s my pick me up when I’m feeling blah song. Listen to it and put bass in your walk. “Put the bass in your walk, head to toe let your whole body talk…Walk…now walk…walk….now walk…and what?”

“Misundercould” by Matthew Ryan
The way Matthew paints pictures with his words move me. He writes some of the most descriptive lyrics and some of the most though provoking lyrics. This song is no different. “You get one shot to prove that you’re not just another chump that’s been in a slump. Where you stand, stood, I misundercould. Hell maybe I did. Maybe I should.”

“A Ton of Love” by Editors
I simply cannot wait for this album to be out. This is my favorite current song out right now. I love the music. I love the song. I love the lyrics. “You gotta learn to be thankful, for the things that you have. Now bathe my idle soul in Desire. Taken by force, twist of fate, what weighs more…A ton of love, A ton of hate?”

“This World As We Know It” by Xavier Rudd
Give this man a didgeridoo and a drum and he can create gold. I am so fortunate and happy to have discovered Xavier’s world of music and for the chances I’ve seen him live. His shows are a religious experience in spirituality. I love the beat of this song.

“When World Collides” by Powerman 5000
This is a throwback. I love iTunes on shuffle. This song popped up, and I was reminded of how much I dig it.

“Dirty Sticky Floor” by David Gahan
David’s voice just makes this song, dirty, sticky, sexy, but then again, I’ve always found him a little dirty, sticky, & sexy.

“There’s No Going Back” by Sick Pupppies
Lyrically, this song, says it all: “You can’t regret what you don’t decide…should’ve, could’ve means you’ll never know…the future I’m living now is not what I’d thought it’d be. The person I was before is nothing like me. The future I’m living now is the way I want it to be…”

“I Say” by Artificial Joy Club
This song describes my outside voice, inside voice, and the voice I choose to share with the world. I am not ashamed of my voice, my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions. I will not be quiet and stand by. I will shout, I will say it loud and proud. “…The V chip on my tongue’s gone berserk…Can dress me up. Can’t take me out, I’ll make you squirm without a doubt. I don’t give a fuck, I say what I feel, it gets me into trouble. I feel what I say, I don’t care anyway. I do what, who, I like, it doesn’t make me humble. I like what, who, I do, it’s just my attitude. You don’t get refunds when you buy my brand of etiquette.”

“Wasted Years” by Ryan Adams (Iron Maiden Cover)
Iron Maiden…Ryan Adams…I know you’re mind is blown but this cover is amazing and instead of link, gets an embedded into this post. I love the lyrics, “I close my eyes and think of home. Another city goes by in the night. Ain’t it funny how it is you never miss it til it’s gone away? And my heart is lying there and will be til my dying day. So understand, don’t waste your time always searching for those wasted years. Face up… make your stand.”

Ryan Adams “Wasted Years” (Iron Maiden Cover)

Iron Maiden – Wasted Years