Half Marathon Training Round 2 & 3

Half Marathon Training Round 2
Starting measurements for the week: 130lb with a 35 bustline, 31 chest, 31 waist, 37.5 hips.

Monday, June 24th
Ran 2.34 miles in 29:36 minutes and hated every step because it was so freaking hot. It was like running in a sauna in hell.

June 25th-June 30th
The rest of the week for Round 2 training…well, sucked giant testicles. I was completely and utterly lazy in training…as in, I didn’t train at all and I fell off the being a vegetarian again wagon. Again, just being lazy in that department as well. I can blame it on a busy schedule with work, whatever…in honestly, it was pure laziness. Calling myself out on that one.

Half Marathon Training Round 3
Starting measurements for the week: 130 with a 36 bustline, 31 chest, 31.5 wasit, 38 hips. (amazing how one week of laziness makes a 1 to .5 difference)

Monday, July 1st
I still have a little residual laziness left over from last week, but I also know my body. When I feel like I am starving and no amount of food seems to fill or fulfill me, I know I have not A) eaten enough protein or B) eaten way to many carbs. Today, was not enough protein combined with too many carbs. When I eat too much in the carb category, I crave sweets and I don’t mean anything mother nature can grow. I want processed sugar. The more the better, but I recognize my dirty habit and stop myself from making myself sick. I didn’t work out. I had no energy and this wasn’t laziness, this was truly a lack of sleep, fuel energy.

Tuesday, July 2nd
2.33 miles – 29mins 47secs – 12.46 average pace
My right calf was a little tight, but think it will always be that way. My left knee was a little bothersome. I notice when I’m slow it hurts worse, but if I’m at a “steady” pace it doesn’t hurt at all. Tried various breathing techniques and running for as fast as I can for 2+ mins, walking for 60 seconds. Notice when I am pounding the pavement in a “fast” pace, my right shin is on fire. Overall, good run. Could feel what a week off makes in the way my body moves, but I’m motivated to not stop again. I’m tired of letting myself down

Wednesday, July 3rd
4.20 miles (walking) – 72mins – 17.08 average pace
Received a blister on my heel from me shoe/sock. Wore a sleeve on my left knee, it didn’t hurt. Right knee w/ band hurt, removed band, hurt less. Had to carry Nick about a quarter mile because he couldn’t take the heat/walking. Wanted to walk just to get my body back into training since I took last week off. Definitely like training in cooler conditions as I feel like I accomplish something vs training in heat where I feel like a giant slug.

Thursday, July 4th
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Level 2 | Abs workout
I’m picky when it comes to my yoga. I loved Steve Ross on Oxygen’s Inhale but it’s not available anymore and I’ve tried several other yoga DVDs. Jillian’s I like. It’s yoga with a kick. I always find a muscle I didn’t know existed afterwards. I miss doing yoga daily and after doing this, I realize I need to do it daily.

Friday, July 5th
3.96 miles (walking) – 64 minutes – 16:05 average pace
Wanted to run, but my work out from yesterday made me a little more sore than I had anticipated so my intention was to walk 2 miles to warm up the aching muscles, then run 2 miles. I ran about a mile until my heel started bleeding & aching from a blister that had formed on Wednesday. Hoped to do yoga & a strength training session but I was wiped clean from the walk. Did realize, I cannot eat a meal like cereal prior to a 4 mile walk/run. I felt like crap.

Saturday, July 6th
Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown Level 1
I don’t know what I did on Thursday, but I was still painfully sore so I let my body rest by doing just yoga. I still sweated through this workout and it felt good to stretch achy and sore muscles.

Sunday, July 7th
I didn’t sleep well on Saturday night. My mind was empty but my body wouldn’t turn off. Finally around 4 am, I caved and took a sleep aid. I don’t feel rested. I feel exhausted and empty.

Considering I didn’t work out at all in Week 2, Week 3 was good. I need to focus more on being able to run more miles. My goal for Week 4 is to run constantly for at least two miles and keep an average back at around 12 to 13 miles. I’m glad I’m giving myself more than 12 weeks of training. I need it and it allows me to work out the kinks in my training and myself.