Half Marathon Training Round 4

Half Marathon Training Round 4

     Starting measurements for the week: 130lbs with a 36 bustline, 31.5 chest, 38 hips

Monday, July 8th

Tuesday, July 9th
2.34 miles – 29.25 mins – 12.34m pace
Best pace in my training and my knees nor the Texas size blister on my heels didn’t bother. Felt invincible.

Wednesday, July 10th
Jillian Michaels – Body Shred – Level 1
Doing a workout past 8 pm is a bad idea for me. I was awake for most of the night, but a work function called and I could have opted out of workout, but where’s the fun challenge in that?!?!

Thursday, July 11th
3.96 miles (according to RunKeeper) – 53 mins – 13.22m pace
Started out weak, finished strong. Tried various running & breathing techniques. Not any closer to finding anything I like or that works. RunKeeper, an app/website I use was an epic fail…said I ran 8 miles in 45 mins w/ a pace under 7 mins. I am guestimating on 13 min mile. It said 12.29 then went haywire. Will give myself 13. I finished this in under an hour so I’m happy.

Friday, July 12th
I just skipped everything I had planned. Bad, I know.

Saturday, July 13th
4.38 miles – 66 mins – 15.12m pace
Disaster of a run. So bad, I clocked it as a walk in RunKeeper. I couldn’t find my pace, rhythm, breathe and I felt defeated. When the woman in her 50/60s ran past me, it didn’t help. When the father pushing his child in a stroller ran past me, it didn’t help. When the perfect blonde in seemingly perfect ran past me, I wanted to stick my foot out and trip her.
I blamed the defeated feeling on a too regular running route, on the this is technically pre-training for the training of the half marathon, and whatever else popped in my head.
It took friends on Twitter to remind me that no matter how bad it felt, I completed my goal.

Sunday, July 14th