Music for the Soul

Songs Of My Life: July 2013

If you read the Songs of My Life posts regularly, you are more than aware that:
A) I listen to a lot of music
B) Usually have my iPod on shuffle
C) Believe that the songs that catch my ear, my heart, my emotion, my spirit, are ones I am suppose to sit down and pay attention to.

As I reflect on the songs on the list each month, I always realize that they were exactly what I needed to hear, to experience. Often, the song will capture a thought, a feeling, or something I was going through. I might not realize it when it’s happening but as I sit and listen again at the end of every month, I always get the aha moment. That’s one of the best feelings in the world and then there are some songs that have no defining moment but just freaking rock. July was filled with a lot of reflection and aha moments.

Reminder: click on song title to see/hear video if no Soundcloud link

The Sign by Juke Kartel (now currently know as London Cries)
As a believer in the Universe and signs from the Universe, I took this as a sign for what a great month July would be. “Any another day, I could just fake it. Any other day, I wouldn’t care…There are signs and flashing lights all around us, we all try to recognize.”

No Need to Worry by Mishka
The song title says it all. “No need to worry.” By nature, I am a worrier. I use to be 110 times worse but have long learned to let go and let go of things that I cannot control and that the sky will not fall down because I didn’t do, say, or complete X. This song was a reminder to me to breathe, let go and…“No need to worry. Just take it slow. No need to worry.”

The Sting by Editors
This album is ah-may-zing. I have listened to it nonstop since it came out. I love the imagery in this song. “People don’t change and I know your story so well. I know your fate, it’s my favorite tale to tell. You wanted to make me believe in love. You wanted to show me the things that you dream of…You bring the money in, I will be waiting, I’m in the corner with a wasp sting in my throat…”

“Sugar” by Editors
Another song off of “The Weight of Your Love” album. Seriously, cannot stop listening and am kind of obsessed with it. I listened to everyday for days. This song is so moody and beautifully twisted in my opinion. I love the lyrics: “…My my, my my, You are the only thing I want to own. There’s sugar on your soul, You’re like no one I know, You’re the life of another world. You swallow me whole, with just a mumbled hello, and it breaks my heart to love you…”

“I Love the Now” by Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy’s music is always one to remind me to live in the moment and not worry about the past and definitely to not worry about the future. “I mean, I’m in no hurry…life isn’t gonna pass me by. Tomorrow’s right around the corner. I’ll get there somehow…”

“Fembot” by Robyn
I have to thank Ronnie for turning me onto Robyn. He sent me this song and said, “I knew you would like this and I think of you when I hear this.” Robyn always reminds me of Ronnie and I listened to her catalog in honor of his birthday. This is one of my favorite songs by her. Besides, what girl doesn’t want to think of herself as “I’m a very scientifically advanced hot mama. Artificially discreet, no drama. I’ve got some news for you fembots have feelings too. You split my heart in two now what you gonna do? Once you gone tech you ain’t never going back…”

“Road Song” by [26]
I love, love, love this band. I think everyone should buy their entire catalog. I don’t think you’d be disappointed at all. Anyway….what caught my ear about this song this month was the drums and then as I sat listening to the lyrics, the aha, this is why I was given this gem. “I wanted. I needed. I wanted so I found…you wanted all, don’t apologize…”

“Flowers” by Lisa Hannigan
Lisa’s voice is poetry in motion. Delicate. Emotional. Haunting. I love the lyrics, “I heard what you said…come by with some flowers and stay ’til they’re dead…I don’t know the rules to this game and I don’t think I want to play. I’ve seen your cards and mine are the same. And if I come back, I won’t stay.”

“La Vie Dansante” by Jimmy Buffett
This is one of my top 5 Buffett songs. It means “the dancing life” and I have tried to make it a life motto. I always have it pop up on the iPod when I’m feeling like I’m at the end of my proverbial rope.
“They can come take it all away. Break your heart by the light of day. Drown your love in a distant bay…There’s a light that shatters all the locks and saves me…That’s why I wander and follow la vie dansante. On the night wind that takes me just where I want…I live when a new surprise surrenders, feel it all with a willing heart. Every stop is a place to start. If you know how to play the part with feeling…”

“Break” by Gareth Asher
I love Gareth’s voice. I have always had a connection to this song on a lyric level and it has always brought tears to my eyes and this line in the song has always stuck with me, “…got fear sitting right along by ’em in the passenger side…” Sometimes I feel that fear sits beside me, paralyzing me, but as Gareth sings, I know I just have to make a move and break the hold fear has on me.

“Love and Luck” by Jimmy Buffett
I could write an entire book just on inspired quotes by Buffett that could be a reminder to us all. We just need love and luck. “Better days are in the cards I feel it in the changin’ wind…So talk to me I’ll listen to your story I’ve been around enough to know that there’s more than meets the eye. Everybody needs a little good luck charm. With a little love and luck you will get by. In this mangled modern world, you’ve got to try.”

“Run” by Sash! featuring Boy George
If it has Boy George in it, 99.9% chance I’m gonna love it. This is one of my favorites with him. It’s catchy and infectious. “You messed with my heart. I’ll mess with your head and in your pretty eyes I saw some truth. One lie leads to another. Always watching where you tread. Fantasy of fiction baby be careful where you lay your head. So run. Run. Run. Run. You better run.”

“Upside Down” by Jack Johnson
How I head into every day…“I can feel a change in everything…I want to turn the whole thing upside down I’ll find the things they say just can’t be found. I’ll share this love I find with everyone. Who’s to say I can’t do everything? Well I can try, and as I roll along I begin to find things aren’t always just what they seem…”

“Do I Wanna Know” by Arctic Monkeys
I just adore this band and love this song. “How many secrets can you keep? Cause there’s this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow when I play it on repeat… Do I wanna know if this feeling floats both ways. Sad to see you go, cause I’ve been hoping that you’d stay…I’m sorry to interrupt.  It’s just I’m constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you. I don’t know if you feel the same as I do. We could be together if you wanted to…the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say some other day…”

“Two Hearted Spider” by Editors
This might be a record. 3 songs off the same album in a month. Though I could probably put the entire on here. I really connected with the lyrics. “I’m just a mess for you. Oh, my naivety. Oh, my fickle views, I feel my blood boil…Every move you make breaks me…Every smile you fake, breaks me.”

“I Hope You Suffer” by AFI
Holy moly, it’s great to have new AFI in my life. I have been in love with Davey’s voice and AFI’s music for some time. These lyrics: “…you just killed me and walked away…I opened my heart to you. You lied just to reach inside. Now with the faith you removed, our hope for forgiveness dies. I hope you suffer…”