Half Marathon Round 7

T-minus 12 week countdown … 12 weeks far enough away and yet close enough to be scary
Starting measurements for the week: 128lbs with a 36 bustline, 30 chest, 37 hips
Round 4 for comparison: 130lbs with a 36 bustline, 31.5 chest, 38 hips

Monday, July 29th
4.13 miles – 51.11 minutes – 12:23 average pace
I actually felt like I was runner for the first time. I rolled to a walk a few times to catch my breath and to stop myself from vomiting. I could feel my lungs in my throat. After I hit mile 4, I felt like I could have done another 2 or 3. This might not have been my best pace since I started tracking, but it felt like it was and that’s all that mattered. This week starts the official 12 weeks away from half marathon. No slacking off. No excuses. Just doing.

Tuesday, July 30th
A 36 hour headache/migraine/head pain made working out a thought in my head.

Wednesday, July 31st
Rest day.

Thursday, August 1st
4.15 miles – 55.1 minutes – 13.19 average pace
My goal was to basically run a 13 minute mile, walk for 2 minutes and repeat. I wanted to see if I could actually run a mile without “dying.” It was not fun. I definitely didn’t eat enough calories and the calories I did eat were empty ones so this was extremely hard for me to mentally get through knowing how I hadn’t fueled my body properly. I also had Nick in tow, making him suffer along with me. For me, he reminds me “slow and steady” because his little paws can’t keep up with me.

Friday, August 2nd
4.13 miles – 52 minutes – 12.35 average pace
I ate a shitload of bad, empty calories at lunch. As in 1200 of my minimum 1500 calorie intake for the day. I was feeling super bad about the crap I ate so I punished myself by running and staying in, instead of going out. So if you’re thinking, 1200 calories of crap food will fuel one for running, it might do the “trick” but it doesn’t make it easy. This run was brutal. Crap food is not proper fuel. I’ll call this a lesson learned. Today, as I ran, I decided to run 6 mins, walk 1 min, run 6 mins, walk 2 mins, repeat until end. It’s funny how splitting up 13 mins of running makes it seem three times as long vs running 13 mins straight. My brain is look, woohoo, we ran for 6 mins, but if you look at the watch, it’s only been 60 seconds. I also brought Nick along with me. Again, he steadies me and the weather wasn’t brutal for him. He is done running for the week. I’ve made him suffer enough.

Saturday, August 3rd
4.26 miles – 69 minutes
This was suppose to be a 2 mile walk but turned into more. I wanted to do something outdoors since it was nice, but didn’t want to run. I also need to figure out a strength training program that I like.

Sunday, August 4th
Rest day