Half Marathon Training Round 8

T-minus 11 week away from half marathon
Starting measurements for the week: 128lbs with a 35.5 bustline, 30 chest, 37 hips

Monday, August 5th
2.14 miles – 24.32 minutes – 11:31 average pace (my best yet)
The training chart said to do 2 miles so I listened today. Last week, I just ran 4 every time I ran, figured I should at least hit the training schedule properly this week. This run was hard, my body felt out of whack (probably because I had a milkshake which made me realize why I gave up milk and switched to almond). I’ve got a few non-vegan food items left and hope to knock those out this week so I can go finally commit 100% to it.

Tuesday, August 6th
40 minutes – Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD – Level 1
I remember why I disliked this DVD. It’s hard, but I was heavier back when I bought it a few years ago. Now that I’m a lot lighter, it’s still fucking hard, but worth every bit of sweat it induced.

Wednesday, August 7th
2.14 miles – 29:30 minutes – 13:47 average pace
Felt pretty crappy on this run. My leg muscles were more sore than expected from yesterday’s work out. I was going to run 4 miles but started feeling shakey & light headed so opted to cut it down to 2 miles instead. The weather was hot and humid and after reading this article on Runner’s World, explained part of me feeling craptastic. Pretty unhappy with today, but know I’ll have ups and downs while training.

Thursday, August 8th
6.68 miles – 1 hour & 36.41 minutes – 14.28 average pace
This was suppose to be just a 4 mile walk but turned into a 6.68 walk/run. I walked 1/2 mile then would run .25 miles and repeated this until it was over. I never thought I would say this, but it wasn’t bad as I expected it to be and for the first time, running 13.1 miles seemed so possible and plausible to my mind. I look forward to adding my miles next week.

August 9th-11th
9th – rest day
10th – I wasn’t feeling well so I let my body rest. Sometimes you just have to listen to what your body wants and not force it to do something.
11th – A muscle cramp/pain/soreness in my left foot kept me immobile. 6.68 miles in shoes that were wearing down probably wasn’t the best idea on Thursday, so I rested by foot. A knock you to your knees sinus headache also kept me from looking outside to the bright sunshine. I can tell the weather’s changing by my sinuses and allergies. The inside of my head is about to get real ugly.