Soul in Wanderlust

I Need to Reset My Soul

I’ve been feeling an incredible amount of sadness in my life.

I get it around this time of year every year. This will mark the 2nd year, I have not been to Key West in the month of August.

Key West is a place where I go to reset my soul.

I’m just as obsessed with Key West as I am with Australia. In my ideal life (aka dream life), I would spend time between those two places.

I like Key West in August. It’s unbearably hot, the salt air clings to your skin, the weather is sticky, the water is bathwater warm, and if I time my trips right, I hit Lobster Week and the Perseid Meteor Shower.

It may seem odd that a place can reset your soul, but there’s something about Key West that puts my life in perspective, reenergizes me, and makes me feel alive again.

I can say I haven’t felt alive in sometime.

There’s a weight around me that holds me and I don’t know quite how to shake it.

I feel like I’m in a stasis…

Listening to “God Only Knows” by Joe Henry