Exist Loudly

A Day to Be Thankful

Sometimes, you wonder if you make a difference in someone’s life.

Especially of a child’s life.

More often than not, we let the words that should be said slip into the silence, the fight over something so trivial, the exasperated sigh of you never understand, fine, whatever…

Then there are times like today, a post, a tweet, a status update, a tag in a photo and you share the words that should always be shared because one day soon will be too late.

I am so grateful for my niece to have shared this on her Instagram to her friends, her family, strangers who may one day become real life friends for her. She may be thankful for me, but I will forever be grateful for her. She made my goal in life, my only wish to make a difference in someone’s life come true.

Should the Universe take me in my sleep and I never get to say it again, I am proud of you, Riley…for the young woman you are becoming, for the woman you will become, for the inspiration you will be for Taylor, for the caring big sister you will be for Taylor, and for all the wishes you will help make come true for her. Thank you for being you and rocking on. I love you to the moon and back, to death, and more Stinker.

you can click the picture below to read her words
Riley and I at the Atlanta Thrashers vs Red Wings Game – November 2010